UTI during TWW

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by M1chelle, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Hey ladies,

    I'm in TWW and I had a awful night last night. The last two days I had felt UTI type symptoms but not like I would normally - I have had UTIs loads in the past and I know that if I don't go to the toilet after BD I will wake up with one in the morning. But this time is nothing like that as we hadn't BD in a few days and even when we did I had gone to the loo afterwards. It didn't feel like a full blown UTI, it just felt a bit uncomfortable when on the loo. I did head out to get some sort of remedy from the pharmacy but they said I couldn't take it if I was pregnant so I didn't risk it (although I had to prompt her to tell me that!). So instead I opted for drinking loads of cranberry juice!

    It wasn't too bad until I went to bed last night (over a day later) and OMG it hit me full blown, constantly on the loo and unable to sleep. I was passing blood! It lasted a good few hours and I was finally able to get to sleep at about 0430 this morning. I rang 111 this morning and they said a GP would call me back.. within 12 hours!! So I'm still waiting for a call back. I feel a lot better now, almost like the episode mostly relieved the issue - although there's still that underlying uncomfortable feeling. I couldn't even get out to get some cranberry juice either as everywhere's shut and got to wait in for this phone call!!

    It's wishful thinking but I really hope this is a positive sign.. At least if I had a BFP afterwards then it would be worth the pain. If not, then it'll be so annoying as during TTC I have had so many odd symptoms during the TWW that I have literally never had before - it's like my body torments me!

    I've seen some other threads online about women having UTIs before their BFP - anyone here?

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