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    Hi Ladies.
    As some of you know I have not been online for a little while since we decided to give the internet the big snip snip! We really only used it once in a while to check email anyway. I will be testing on Saturday morning. So wish me luck! I don't know if these are symptoms or not but heres the list of whats been changing with me...

    Cramps 7 days post ovulation.
    Darker looking veins.
    Sore boobs (not too bad)
    Diahreah (sorry if tmi!)
    Bloating (very noticeable to others)
    Weird sensations in stomache.

    What do yo u guys think? Proabable or not proabable. Don't worry I don't want to hear oh i think those are classic symptoms if ther enot I tested a couple days ago NOT WITH FMU and negitive. I don't know why it was my 8th trip to the bathroom that day oh well what can I say. I like spending Jasons money LOL. I am buying a two pack tonight and thats going to have to do me until this weekend is over.

    I will be on next week to give you guys an update.
    I miss all of you

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