Update on those braxton hicks & what they actually meant


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Apr 17, 2005
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Hello Ladies!

I have posted on other threads about how bad my morning sickness is getting sick sometimes 12 times a day, and it's been like this everyday for the past 7wks or so, all I kept saying I am almost out of first trimester then all will be ok!! But then on Mon I started getting braxton hicks as most of you know and after I had posted a message about it I started to get sick which was common for me, then Tues rolled around and I started to feel really weird. I couldn't keep anything down not even a sip of water and then about 2:00 pm I threw up again and this time there was blood in it!! :shock: I actually figured it was because I was throwing up so much my throat or stomache was irritated but I called my midwife anyway and she had me come right in. I get in there and they weigh me and I had lost 12 pounds in less then 3wks and at this point my eyes had began to sink in really bad. She wanted to admit me in the hospital but knows how am I, so she sent me to the E.R. for a quick I.V. because apparently I had been severly dehydrated and didn't know it. So the plan was to have me go to hosp. for a quick one and then come home and have a nurse come out for the next week or so to give me an I.V. daily but here I was more dehydrated then we thought and I ended up needing 3,000 ml of fluids which they ended up keeping me then sent me home and we are waiting for the nurse to call me to let me know what time she'll be coming out. There reason why I could feel the braxton hicks is because I had absolutely no fluid in me and because of that, that is what made feel them, because at this stage you are not suppose to feel them. So hopefully this medication reglan will work and I will have no more morning sickness!! which will mean no more dehydration and then maybe start feeling like myself again!!! Gosh I hope so!!! So that was my lovely night in a nut shell! I would have never thought in a million years I was dehydrated and I have never been like that before so I didn't even know what to look for. One good thing that came of all this is that we heard our little peanuts heartbeat yesterday faster then ever, which now midwife seems to think I am having a girl!! :D Baby is fine and now we are working on making me better! I feel more today then I did yesterday but still very weak. I'll letcha know what happens!

xoxo Ree
Hi Ree,

Poor you, that must have been awful. Glad you got through it and hope you make a full recovery very soon and hope your morning sickness disappears soon too.
Big hugs being sent your way. :D

Hi Nicki,

Thank you I hope so to! :oops: I found out today that when the nurse comes out to give me an I.V. they are actually putting in a midline in my arm and they will be teaching me how to give myself an I.V.!!! :shock: I must say that has me a little freaked out. I thought they would be coming daily and giving it to me. NOPE putting the midline in and I'll be doing it myself. The nurse said that it'll probably be 2weeks before they take it out. Sorry about rambling just has me a little nervous now. Thank u for your warm thoughts. :D

xoxo Ree
hi ree sorry you been so poorly hun i hope your feeling better soon
Poor you that sounds awful. Glad you're ok now.
By the way, my midwife thought my baby was a girl because of the heart beat and according to my 20 wk scan she was right .

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