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Jul 27, 2005
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' Im all alone in the world of forum ' :(
' no one loves me ' :(
' im all alone in the world of forum ' :(

hey guys wots u all been up to and how is everyone - babies and kylie!!

im going away next week end with two friends garry and braydon and i am thinking of wot i got to take and the list is never ending lol!!! not only do i have to pack for me and braydon but i have to pack for garry - if he packed himself we would never get there lol!!
willow i have PMed u about them clothes

someone tlk to me :(

love sarah and braydon x x
Hi HUn

Sorry ive bene busy all weekend, my cousins birthday yesterday then i got home and got Kiara into bed early hoping to get an early sleep then while i was cleaning my stitches it started having blood come out of them agian , so i went back to the hospital and they said it was ok that it just opened up to let the build up of blood out so he squeezed out the rest of the blood and gace me a bunch of bandades and now i have to hope nothing else happens with them damn things grrr. Then today we went to the swap meet and got nothing then went to a friends place then grocery shoppin and now im tired as im running off of four hours of sleep.... so there thats why i havent been on lol.
So how are you ??? and everyone else of course.
Love Katrina and Kiara :D
heya sarah me kylie n demi r good thanx n u ? hope u av fun on ur hols lol
love marylou xxx
me have fun of course i will
i am glad kylie is better now wot exactly happened i would have been scared shit*ess
katrina that sounds so scary u have had loads of problems with those stitches aint ya so glad i didnt need them

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