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    Mar 30, 2005
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    does anyone have any helpful tips on getting pregnant Quicker?
    Im trying to get pregnant after my miscarriage, and it is driving me crazy waiting! and then being disapointed :cry:

    so if anyone has any helpful hints that would be great! oh and does stress have anything to do with getting pregnant?

    thanx L
  2. Becky

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    Feb 24, 2005
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    I think stress can have a large effect on conceiving.

    Sex should be an enjoyable thing and if you're always thinking about a potential pregnancy then you're probably not "at your best".
    Saying that, it's easier said than done for the sex not to become about making a baby once you and your partner have decided that's what you want.

    In my opinion it really is a balancing act of you both being in good health, (mentally and physically) enjoying the sex, and not putting too much pressure on yourselves. Nature is very good at what she does and you will conveive when your body is ready for it.

    There are things you and your partner can both do, like he shouldn't have really hot baths and there are better positions for sex that help concpetion. Oh and things like not going to the toilet straight after sex etc.

    Check out some web sites for conception advice, I like the BBC section.

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