Ttc laid back approach, but odd things?

Discussion in 'Trying to Conceive' started by violet13, Aug 14, 2016.

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    So af arrived and has now gladly gone away I was really late for af but had a very light 4 days which isn't like me at all I'm normally horribly crampy and tmi have clots a fair few every af so unusal for me but it's come it's gone huzzah. I have however had phantom kicks it's really freaky I know it can take 18 months for your body to sort itself but my god it's weird!
    We've decided to take things easy and just not prevent I have a af only tracker no fertile days included which is ace. We will be moving to our new home soon though so that is gonna be stressful but we'll be fine. I also hurt myself today on a basket type swing, I jumped back into it my legs against it and felt what I can only describe as a pull/tear feeling in my c section scar! It freaking hurt but felt more like a pulled muscle it's fine now but it wasn't half weird surely after a year almost that shouldn't of happened? I do feel better for it oddly like everything's relaxed? Hmm it's weird. Anyway we are ttc with a laid back
    Approach :) how're you lovelys doing? Xxx

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