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    Hi everyone

    Me and my husband have been ttc for 3 to 3.5 years and about a month ago we went to the gp to discuss us struggling and my husband was on 40mg of citalopram and 40mg of propranolol so the gp said the problem could be his medication so a month later he is on 10mg and in a months time off it all together but the doctor said to me on monday as we had a joint appointment when am I due my af and I said the 20th so I had to get a day 21+6 blood test and my hubby has to get sperm analysis next Thursday 22 Dec

    I was just wondering what is normally done after these tests and what the results should ideally be I am 27 and my hubby is 23

    baby dust to all and good luck to you all hope 2017 is all our year

    many thanks jemma
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    We ttc for 5 years with many struggles on the way so I feel your frustration with it all.
    I really think they should have done the SA before reducing his meds as it may not be affecting things at all. I really do recommend the pregnacare conception for men. It boosted my OH SA results massively, they went from lowish motility to beyond the top end of what they should be.

    Our inital tests with GP were SA for OH and hormone profile for me, so LH, FSH, estrogen and prolactin (make sure this is done before day 5 as not relevant at other parts of cycle) and also day 21 bloods which isn't always on day 21, its 7 days after ovulation. Once we had all of those, we were referred to the fertility clinic and they did another SA and HSG for me to check tubes. That's all they would do for me as I have a so from a previous relationship but I think the route after that would depend on the results of other tests, they may do a laparoscopy or suggest IUI/IVF xx
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    I agree with lisey, why didn't they do a SA first? My husband is on 20mg citalopram and his SAs have all been fine (and he had very late surgery for an undescended testicle and he has had mumps, all usually huge problems for sperm). Not sure what the other medication is and how likely that is to affect things. He will also need to do a second SA, normally three months after the first.

    It took months for my '21' day bloods to be done on the correct day. You have to go 7 days after ovulation, and if you don't have a textbook 28 day cycle with ov on the 14th day you will need them done on a day other than 21. The only way we eventually managed it was to use opks and go 8 days after.

    Once bloods and SA are done it is usually ultrasound and then hsg. Once that is done you will usually discuss what treatment may work for you.

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