TTC after ectopic with one tube..

Discussion in 'High Risk Pregnancy' started by Courtxx1, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Nov 18, 2020
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    So a couple of weeks ago I had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy along with my right tube. In the new year we will be attempting to try again but it took us nearly 4 years to conceive the first time around so I’m just wondering if anybody has been in a similar situation and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy after an ectopic pregnancy?

    During the op they examined my left tube which is completely healthy and they couldn’t give me a reason as to why this happened but my chances of an ectopic have gone from 1 in 80 to now 1 in 10 so part of me is still very scared to possibly go through all of this again ;(
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  2. miamia

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    I can't help with personal experiences, I just wanted to wish all the best on your journey
  3. Jezby

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    Jan 21, 2017
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    This has literally just happened to me. In fact I type this from my bed on the ward. I too feel all the same things …. Absolutely terrified. This was our 4th round of IVF using a donor

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