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Apr 29, 2005
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What age can baby's teeth? Seren is dribbling loads and has been very grizzly today. She has a white spot on her gum, I think she is too young for teething but something isn't quite right with her so am looking for ideas?? Don't think I'm ready for teething yet, not least cos of breast feeding (ouch) x
dont forget SOME babies are born with teeth and one of my mums m8 had a tooth at 9 weeks
sarah_17 said:
dont forget SOME babies are born with teeth

Cripes, have an image of a baby with a big toothy smile as they come out :?
lol i was convinced B would have 1 as i was BF to start with

good luck if seren is teething lol
ethan has been teething since around 9 weeks the lumps are getting bigger on gums so hopefully we will have some soon :lol:
Oscar dribbling loads.... have been looking out for a peg. Both my other monkeys got their first pegs arounf 3 mths.
Ooohh-chi-wha-wha!!! :shock:
Emilia xx
ewan started teethng at 8 weeks his first tooth showed through just this weekend 27 feb - so you may have a hwile yet!
the teething powders are great, i swear by them.

also i used to give mine sticks of carrots to chew on, they were cold, hard and good for them :)
I'm beginning to think that Naomi might be teething too...she's fractious and squally the last couple of days which isn't like her, and there is a small swelling on her bottom gum near the front. Wondering if it's just a sore spot from sucking too hard or a tooth!

Jake was teething from 12 weeks and at 16 weeks his first tooth come thru, now he's got 2 :shock:

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