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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by El1en, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Hi ladies

    My lo is 19months old and I just wanted to know when your little ones stopped napping?

    My LG was always a terrible sleeper. Up loads during the night and we had a horrible time. However about 2 months ago she started to sleep so much better. Now she's usually up twice a night but she just wants to know I'm around so I literally go in lie her down and say go back to sleep and she does. Coinciding with this she was having a really good nap durin the day. Usually 2hours over lunch. I'm now in the habit of trying to make sure I'm at home or somewhere where she can get a really good nap in as I think this has been a great help with nighttime sleeping

    My problem.. this last week she has been fighting nap time. To the point where I have to put her in the car or pushchair at 3pm so she falls asleep for an hour. I just can't imagine she could make it to 630/7 without a nap but im also worried if I put her to bed earlier she'd be up earlier and she's already up at 545.

    Any wise words?

    Edited to add: I know they're all different but I really didn't expect her to cut naps until 2 / 21/2
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    Really pleased to hear your LO is sleeping better these days. My son is 4 and still has a nap at lunchtime. My daughter is also 19 months old, she has always slept well at night but she is a bit hit and miss with naps. Thankfully my daughter doesn't cry at nap times she just sits, chats and sings so I just leave her there. I'm just sticking with the routine and hope she'll fall back into it. When she doesn't nap she does get really rotten by 5pm and refuses her dinner as she is too tired to focus on anything at all.

    I guess my tip is to just keep going with it. My 4 year old naps because it is routine rather than because he is tired and it has an effect on bedtime. He's golden for both but it's purely because this has been his routine for 3 years, so I'm hoping my daughter will fall back into settling down and sleeping for her naps soon.
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    Our toddler is 33 months old and still naps for a couple of hours after lunch. She can go without if we're out and about or visiting people, but she gets overtired from it. Although all kids are different, 19 months sounds very young to drop naps so I'd be inclined to keep putting her down for one as it could just be a phase/testing you.
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