To TENS or not to TENS!??


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Apr 15, 2005
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Are they any good or not, can i have your opinions? I am very anti drugs and would love to (try to) avoid any pain relief in the form of drugs.(although i reserve the right to change my mind completely!)

I know Mothercare hire them for 4 weeks for about £30 which i think is excellent value.
I had three days of labour and the first two of those was a slow back labour. I would not have coped that well without my TENS, especially as the hospital tld me to take 2 paracetamol for any "discomfort" ( :evil: ). It really helped, didn't get rid of the pain totally buit took the edge off, plusas I was able to turn it up etc I felt like I was controlling the pain. I would definately recommend one, I even ate my christ,mas dinner with it strapped to me (able to eat 2 courses with contractions) :D

that is all i have to say on the matter i loved mine and it helps take ur mind of it i deffinatly use it again
Ohhhh from what i've heard im TENS-ing if thats any help to u!!!

Like u want to try and do without the drugs ... mainly so i can get home quicker!!!
i used a tens right from the start then went on to gas and air as it doesn't stay in your system.
only problem was when i was on the gas hubby had to push the boost button on the tense for me as i couldn't mange holding two things and breathing!!

Also removing the tens pads after ;abour was almost as painful as labour its self!! :shock:
LOL mine kept falling off as my nighty was rubbing on it, it wasnt painful in the slightest when they came off!!?!!
That makes me feel a little better :? ....

Might be opting for drugs after all, From what i've been hearing the more the better!!!! (excluding the epidural and C-Section!!!)
I would say a tens machine is great for the first pat of labour, it helps takes your mind of the pain and makes it slightly more comfortable, i founf it really helpful...just try not to lean against the switch and turn it up fulll blast!!!!! ouch!!
Will def use it for labour nxt time....if theres a next time!! lol

I found the tens machine was great for early labour, I hired mine from it was £20 + £3 p&p for 6 wks hire and company were really helpful.

I thought it might be a waste of money but it was fabulous! I managed the whole thing on Gas and Air and Tens and it was the Tens that kept me feeling like I was in control at the beginning I think. I loved the fact that I had some control over my pain relief and it was also useful because I hated anyone to speak during a contraction so in the end they watched by clicking finger and knew to shut up when I clicked onto constant! It also made it easier for my OH to write the timings down.

Towards the end of labour I had it up to the max on constant and it was like someone just massaging my lower back- very nice!

mine was painful to remove because the midwife had stuck the pads on with about half a roll of micropore tape!!!! :shock: :?
They kept falling of with just the gel!

"just try not to lean against the switch and turn it up fulll blast!!!!! ouch!!"

I know what you mean when you say you accidentally hit it on to high! hubby did it once and almost peeled me off the ceiling!
well i havnt had my bundle yet but ive bought a freedom tens from ebay for £25 inc p&p. Its new and the type lloyds pharmacy used to hire out, ive tested it and it seems to work so time will tell!
Hypnorm said:
I know what you mean when you say you accidentally hit it on to high! hubby did it once and almost peeled me off the ceiling!

LOL yea right it felt like i was sat in an electric chair!!!!!!!! :lol:
As always you guys are great!! Definatly gonna give it a go. I am very anti epidural and drugs so want to go 'au naturel' (if possible!!)

Lucy will try that link thanks.

I will report back and let you all know what i think afterwards!

I have just ordered a tens, so will give you all the feedback when Kellysomer junior decides to make her appearance!!! :D
finding this post very interesting as am considering a tens machine but wasnt sure if was any good i had way too many drugs on my son and he was really sleepy and difficult to feed for a few days after he was born would like this time to be different but im a baby where pain is concerned
i managed without anything till i got to 6cm and then couldnt cope at all but think i was tired took me 25 hours to get that far :shock: then had a pethidine which i found didnt help at all had another one 2 hours later and gas and air all of which made me sick as a dog and didnt help finally after being in labour 31 hours and only being 7cm had an epidural and slept the last 6 hours it took me to get to 10cm am hoping this time labour will be a lot faster and maybe will be able to cope better with the pain we will see :? xxxxxx
i went to 9 cms with tens and used them during labour. Only had one pad connected though and when the midwife plugged the other 3 during my pushing, it just killed cause they were at their max!!!! So make sure the person who puts them on does it properly ;)
lol @ hypnorm, my oh also had to press the boost button as I was holding the gas and air, but I think this was good for him as he felt like he was doing something useful and helping me!

I'd DEFINATLY recommend the TENS I got through labour using this up until 5cms then used gas and air. I also did not want any drugs, pethadine or epidural. Infact the TENS went up to number 8 and I only used it at no.3 all through labour as I found it was enough, my mum kept asking if I wanted it turning up and I said no :)

I think its so great becuase it gives you something else to think about, it takes your mind away from the pain, just make sure it is on low when you first put it on :lol:

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