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Tired at Work


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Jun 14, 2005
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I've been getting really frustrated at the number of pregnancy books etc that say things like, 'if you find you can't sleep at night, try napping in the afternoon', or that stress the importance of staying intimate with your partner and suggest making time in the afternoon if you're too tired at night.

Who are these people???

I work full time; when am I supposed to be doing all this napping and where? And even if I do manage to occasionally nap - on the floor of my office natch - how does afternoon love fit into that scenario???

Anybody else feeling frustrated and tired like me?

Or - better yet - anyone have any suggestions for getting around this little problem of a 35 hour week and two hours commuting a day???
That'll be the last option for me too!!! I can't seem to vote though.
I was just wondering how I'm going to get through the day, I'm already on the verge of sleep at my desk
I'm with you there girls - 40 hours a week, no rest area, tiny stuffy office - 30 mins for lunch. Where am I supposed to fit a rest in? If I was sleeping better at night it might help. Still only another 15 weeks to go till I aim to finish!!
I work from home and had a nap yesterday for the first time. Really wish I hadn't because I woke up feeling worse than before the nap, and ended up working late to make up for feeling guilty over having a nap. We can't win!!

Tracy xx
i really agree girls! i'm knackered at the end of the day when i get home! i've been lucky enough to be allowed to work from home on wednesdays as i have aquanatals in the morning, so it breaks up the week quite nicely to be honest. i still have to work, but at least i can take it easy and put my feet up on the sofa with my laptop or sketchbook! or if i feel like it, do bugger all during the day and work a couple of hours in the evening if it suits me better!

roll on the 13th of january! that's when i have one week annual leave and then my mat leave starts trom the following week! yay! won't be so bad as x-mas is inbetween i suppose, and then only 2 weeks at work before i'm off - i'll probably spend those 2 weeks getting things ready for the temporary cover anyway so can be a little lazy!

(hopefully i'll have a couple of weeks to chill, and then it's gonna be all sleepless nights.....)
I am getting so tired now, but doesnt help im not sleeping to good either!! oh well only another 6 weeks at work left :)

Take care all

Natalie x
I am so knackered all the time at work. I have fallen asleep at my desk and on the toilet! I have been signed off for a few wks which has helped so much.
Well ladies i only work part time and i am knackered!!

I get up at 7.30 am when my daughter gets up, then i have to do washing and make breakfast etc, get both of us ready,then walk to my mum's which is a 25 minute walk, also bearing in mind i am suffering with very painful SPD so that is really chalenging, then make my way to work.
I get to work answer phones all afternoon and eal with stroppy customers, THEN when i get home i have all other chores to do!!!!

Oh god when will it end!!

I am finishing work in 5 weeks as my SPD is getting so bad, so i will have 10 weeks to chill before baby No 2 comes along.

Also i have read that work places have to offer you rooms to rest in, which i got told mine was the staff room, which is great except its up 4 flights of stairs!! seriously what do they exoect me to do, it takes me 10 mins to get up there, its time to come down again!! Lol
:D :D :D
Yeah, I read that about workplaces having to offer places to rest and then checked out where I work and found a list. There is one room I should check out, but the other one has no furniture in it.

And anyway - I just think I'll go over there and find it's being used for something else anyway or that people want to talk or something.

What I really want is something like those Japanese pod hotels (http://www.yesicanusechopsticks.com/capsule/), where you just have beds stacked up on top of each other. That would be perfect - I don't want to talk to anyone, I just want to lie down for an hour (or six)!!
You will probably hate me, but my tiredeness finished when my second trimester started and I haven't been tired until about 9pm at night for the past 12 weeks.

Though I have been told that this will catch up with me so I am making the most of it.
Aw Sarah W - I don't hate you - I'm just really really jealous!!

Don't talk too fast!!!! My second trimester was the best so far, I would do my days at work with no problems, would go to bed at 11 pm, got up at 7 am feeling fresh but now I am 29 weeks, it is the total opposite. i am always tired, find it difficult to get up, baby is growing fast too and i think my body is not following up the pace of the growth. Cannot get good sleep, back is killing, having nightmares, getting up 10 times to run to the loo!!!

Hope it won't happen to you but enjoy those weeks of blooming left, mine are definitely over and although I have still 11 weeks left, i cannot wait to give birth now :wink:


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