Tiny Sue???


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May 2, 2005
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Anyone heard of her since she went in for a check up on monday?

Was it her BP check??

I've probably missed a whole post!
I dont think i have seen her since then either, hope shes ok
Hi guys...

I went for that check-up and was admitted and only got home today! Stealing five minutes on the computer while OH goes out for milk, keep you all updated with a post later this evening if I can...



I was admitted to hospital on Monday and told I'd probably be going home Tuesday, the doc had found a strange marker in my PET bloods and was going to monitor my progress. BP was 160/95, which was the highest it has ever been, and I had +1 protein in my water, and my feet, hands and face were like balloons.
I was kept in on Tuesday night for further tests, and by Wednesday was feeling really fed up! My obstetrician had promised me an overnight!

As it turns out though, he said there is something strange with my biochemistry and it's putting the scare on him that my placenta will suddenly stop doing its job and baby will suffer.

SO - long story short, I am home for the weekend, but I have to be re-admitted on Monday for more observation, I am on medication for the blood pressure which means I can't drive (they make me sleepy and my hands shake) and he is telling me that I won't make it past the New Year with this pregnancy. He is already talking about sectioning me soon, but he wants to get me as far past thirty four weeks as he can, it seems to be a "magic" number with him.

Baby is happy as a clam at the moment, kicking away and really active and a heartbeat that varies between about 135 and 160. But he/she is only about 4 pounds right now...which is small.

So that's my story... will try to keep you posted. I hope not to be in hospital for Christmas, but I have no idea when they are going to release me next week... I have knitted two baby jumpers and half a scarf already!

Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice? I am a bit worried about the possibility that baby might be in distress or oxygen starved and I wouldn't know it.

oh sue, what an ordeal!!!

I was in and out of hospital with Amy because of high BP etc, but never anything came back of the PET bloods.

Not sure quite what would occur to be honest, i know the only way of curing it it delivery and getting the placenta out.

Enjoy your weekend hun, Good luck for next week as well

Thinking of you

((((((((((((Hugs sue))))))))))))))))

hope you have a nice relaxing weekend at home before you have to go back in

Oh you poor thing!! :(
34 weeks really does seem to be a magic number with doc's and they all like to see babies from that gestation onwards as they have a much better chance of breathing for themselves and having minimal complications, if any.

Only a few more days to go till you hit 34 weeks hun, and every day really does make a difference to them. I hope you can stay pregnant as long is safe for both you and baby.

Thinking of you and hope you try to have as much of a relaxing weekend as possible - I know doc has probably got you housebound or on minimal activity because of your BP, but you can still sit and chill with DH and enjoy eachothers company as just you two for what might be your last weekend.

Thinking of you, big hugs

you can still sit and chill with DH and enjoy eachothers company as just you two for what might be your last weekend.

Funny you should say that Sami...

My brother and his fiancee are painting the nursery for us this weekend, OH has to work and he's up to his neck with a January 11th deadline, and we have a large family function tomorrow!

I think that I'll probably be glad to get back into the hospital for a rest!

LOL isn't it always the way :)

Just try and chill as much as you can...thinking of you xxxx
Thinkin of you Sue (((((sue)))))

Take care now

Love Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good luck Tiny Sue. You are in my thoughts xxxxxx
Going back into hospital tomorrow morning, at 11 am to be re admitted.

I feel fairly okay but I tire easily, and my oedema is back with a vengeance, probably because I've been standing up and walking around after a week in bed.

Today was my mother's anniversary so it's been quite emotionally fraught. I am hoping that the obstetrician will keep me in over night, monitor blood pressure and take more bloods, and send me home to take it easy for Christmas. I fully intend to, but I find it easier to be easy at home than rattling around a hospital room and being bored.

I know I am lucky. My baby is healthy and kicking away and this was caught in time. I have two very supportive families, a wonderful OH without whom I could not do, and some lovely new friends on here. I thank God every day for all my blessings.

So I will be a good girl this week and not moan about stuff the way I have been. I am in good hands. I will get OH to keep you posted if anything major happens, ie I am sectioned or stuff.

But if I'm not out for Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hope Santa and the stork are good to you all and don't collide!

Back home for Christmas guys!

Have to go in for a checkup on Tuesday next which will make me 35 weeks. The doctor is pleased with my progress, the pre-eclampsia is apparently not escalating as quickly as he expected...so this is good.

Back home...mmmmmm

Decorating the Christmas tree this evening.

Fantastic sue that's great news,

so what has he said? are they going to induce you or leave you as long as they can?
Tiny Sue you take it easy and rest! Hope you are keeping well otherwise. x
Leave me as long as they can, I believe, Amy's Mum...which suits me fine. I've hired my nephews to put a shape on the house for me, it's a bit of a mess in the last while...

*polishes up her horsewhip*


Otherwise, because I can't drive etc etc my OH is doing all the shopping stuff for me, which is quite difficult because I LOVE xmas and all the bustle and he's on a time limit. I'm having a hard time not being childish and getting all cross because I can't go out and do this stuff myself... which is funny cos if I was well, I probably would have left it all till the last minute anyway...I am such a whinger!


Hi Sue

please forgive me for not emailing before. i seem to find it hard to keep up with everything.

i wish you all the best and make sure that you do take it easy. i know it is hard over the Christmas period.

will speak to you soon hun, and once again sorry for not contacting you.

Hi guys...just to let you all know, I went in for a check up again on Tuesday and was kept until today, Thursday, with another 24 hour urine sample (ew) and blood tests etc. My uric acid has gone down, protein had gone up, and my bp is well under control with the tablets I'm on.

I had a very clear ultrasound at which I peeped shamelessly and am now fairly sure that I am indeed carrying a girl...but we will not commit ourselves wholly to that.

In the heel of the hunt, my obstetrician has said that because of my condition and how it has not worsened as he had anticipated, he will let me go to 37 weeks and then induce me. My induction date is Monday 9th January, where I have to present myself at 8.30 am with all bags packed, barring all problems at my checkup next Tuesday. :lol: 8)

Anyone here ever been induced by Prostin gels before? Apparently they are the method he's going to use.

In other news, baby is a good size for dates and in no distress at all, considering her bad tempered mother...I am soooooo sick of hospital!

:shock: :lol:
Hi Sue,

Glad you are getting towards the end of it now!!

I was induced with Amy but it was a prostin tablet, not sure if it's the same thing???

They just inserted it and left it to dissolve and kicked off the labour.

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