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Jul 10, 2005
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On wed we found out Kiara has thrush, but they say it can affect mother and baby or just mom or just baby, well my breasts have been having this tingly pain once in a while is this a sign if noy has any one had this?
Thanx Katrina
Me and Seren have thrush. She has oral thrush and I have got in on my breasts and I think it has gone into my milk ducts. I have a gel for her moputh and a cream to put on my nipples after every feed. Just make sure that if you use breast pads they allow moistur through as the plastic backed ones make the nipple moist which thrush loves 9I use the washable ones and they are more comfortable too), and if expressing milk don't freeze it and use at a later date as freezing does not kill the thrush off. Hope it clears up soon x

Tonight we were diagnosed as having Thrush as well - my symptoms are really painful nipples/breasts when feeding Olivia (the pain stays throughout the feed), my aerola has gone quite pale. Olivia has some white ish patches on her lower gum and just inside her bottom lip it looks like there's a very subtle white film over her lip & she also has nappy rash and when I feed her she often keeps coming off the breast then latching on again.

This website is quite useful.

I have been given a prescription for Dioflucan capsules (7 day course) and Olivia has a prescription for some drops (7 day course also). Also she's got canestan for her nappy rash.

Beanie - are you able to continue feeding through the thrush? I'm finding it really painful so Olivia has had two formula today but I find it less painful with nipple shields so I think I'll use those for the night feeds as being engorged is going to be as painful and knowing my luck will give me blocked ducts (expressing is just as painful).

I have been feeding her through it but it is really painful, especially at the strat of the feed and at the end when it really burns. The nipple shields are a godo idea, I have tended to use them when the pain has been really bad. I wasn't prescribed the capsules, just a cream but as I think it has gone into my milk ducts I want capsules so can you let me know how it goes?

One thing I have found is that the antibiotics I was prescribed for my mastitis made the thrush return and it came back worse. If you have got a blocked duct I have found that massaging the duct when feeding or expressin really helps (thanks Urchin for that tip) and hot showers and baths. I spoke with a NCT bf counselleur (sp?) who sid that Drs are too quick at times to prescribe antibiotics even when there is no true infection so she suggests a heat source on the affected area, like a hot water bottle etc as this helps to melt the thickened hind milk that is blocking the duct. obviously if you feel ill or that the sore area is getting worse or not going then you should speak to your Dr. hope you feel better soon x

Tahnks for your replies its gotten worse my nipples are red and sore when i feed her and she as well keeps coming off the nipple the past few days but had no idea that was a sign, Kiara has the drops for a week as well but i guess im gonna have to re do them if there not doing anything as if im not helping my self she will not get rideof it.
I dont know why the doc didnt ask me questions to see if i did as well???
It is getting painful at feeding but im not gonna stop just have to tough it out i guess, but thanks again and i hope we all get ride of this soon.
Katrina and Kiara :D
Hi Katrina

I know what you mean hun, I'm in agony with the feeds as well :( apparently I should feel the pain ease in a couple of days once medicine has taken effect.

I hope I don't get it again cos it's a real test of whether I can carry on bf or not

Hope you're feeling better soon

It is painful but you are both doing great to carry on feeding. The pain does ease, it is getting better with me and I am really hoping this is the last I shall see of this. Hope you both feel a lot better soon xx

I got cream for it yesterday and the doc said i dont need to give her the drops anymore as the cream heals us both up.
Hope it gets better soon plus shes growing again so shes eating twice as much as usual.
Hope you guys are doing good as well and feel better soon.
katrina :D

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