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May 19, 2005
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sorry not a nice subject i know, but i was wondering if any of you know what i can take to clear it up.

I normaly take cansten pesserys but not sure if thats allowed now, would go and ask my doc but he is usless and i will have to wait two weeks for an aponment

Maybe your midwife will know what you can use, if not a pharmacist should know. Sorry that I cant be much help.
just searched some old threads on here, should have done it before makeing this one really lol

seems i can take the oesserys, i will check with the chemist tho when i buy it

Hope you find something that works.

x x x x
I am sure I have seen canesten advertised in pregnancy magazines!! Check it out but I am sure its ok xx
I used the pessaries, they're fine. You can also use the cream, but cannot use the canestan once tablets.
Good luck :)
After a course of antibiotics for a urine infection, i got bad thrush, as was advsied by my midwife that i can take the pessery and cream but not oral tablet :D

Take care
Natalie x
hey guys

thanks for the replies

I brought canestan combi, the pessery and the cream.

the lady in the chemist said it was ok to use as long as im carful inserting it :oops:
I got thrush after a course of antibiotics...the doctor told me at the time that though I could use creams, I couldn't use pessaries or oral tablets and the creams weren't much good on their own. What she DID recommend was a bath with Epsom Salts in it (very relaxing indeed anyway) and plenty of probiotic yoghurt. Cleared me right up... epsom salts is great for drawing poisons out of cuts and bruises too...and apparently you can also drink it as a cleansing agent but I wouldn't do that while preggie!

oo i have never heard of that, i will only use teh cream untill i can get some salts, want to try that

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