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  1. nick335

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    May 7, 2005
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    hi there,

    would anyone be able to share their thoughts with me about any of the following:

    antenatal care, preperation for childbirth, fears and anxieties about child birth, physical effects of pregnancy.

    I'm a student nurse doing a peice of work on maternity care,

  2. catherine23

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    Apr 30, 2005
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    The care here seems great! I have two different midwife that are comlpetly different. 1 is soo lovely she makes you feel soo at ease, she seems to know everything and has so much experience, then theres the other who doesnt make me feel at ease, quite awkward actually, she young, doesnt seem to know a lot and hasnt had children either so cant relate to me. I would be really worried about her delivering my child but luckily i wont be here anyway! but wish i could take the other lady with me!
    I get 2 scans here were as many uk women only get one which I know affects them especially if they have to wait until week 20! Others have told me their Doctors/midwifes havent made them any appoinments etc where as everytime i go to see my midwife she makes me book the next appoinment!
    im only 12 weeks but know a lot already, i have so many books! so I think by the time im due i will be pretty well prepared.
    Im a little worried about pain relief as I havent really look up on it.
    Due to the high risk of misscarriage i know many women worry even if theres no signs of problems. so when ithe risk is reduced at 12 weeks most women can relax! Its horrid though as every twing every weird feeling we worry!
    Other than all of that i cant wait! this was a planned pregnancy but earlier than expected. strangely i conceived pretty much around the first day we started.
    The only after affects on myself im worried about is postnatel depression and a saggy belly!!!
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    May 7, 2005
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    Hi here
    good luck with your course my brother is a student nuse and has just done his placement on maternity and he loved it!!!

    The midwife i had for booking in was horrible she was rude and told me i had to tell her there and then where i wanted to give brth and the hospital i wanted wasn't available so i had to choose one i had never been to let alone heard of!!! was not impressed!!! and now my doctor was supposed to be putting a request in for me and nothing has been done they just keep fobbing me off!!! so my experince of the support u get as a pregnant woman is not very good at the moment!!! :cry:
    i find out out every thing i need to know from people who have already been through pregnancy. although my friend brought me the best book in the world its called "what to expect when you are expecting" it is fantastic.
    I have been very ill with this though i have been sleeping all day and getting up for about 4/5 hours a day. but every one is different!!!
    The thought of the whole child birth is very scary but as we all hope it will go well. i am more than wiling to have medical help eg an epidural when labour comes, alot of people say that they want it natural but i hope to have less pain!
    i hope his gives you a slight insight and if you need anything else just ask!!

    Good luck!!!

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