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Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by Robbda, May 12, 2016.

  1. Robbda

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    Apr 8, 2016
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    so we are waaaaay ahead of ourselves but...

    turned out other half and I had a name that we both liked waaaay before we even met... however said name is now my bosses name and the name of my mums neighbor who's daughter I was constantly being compared to my whole life despite being 5 years younger, everything I did was easier that when her DD did it and I just don't think we would hear the end of the name if we used the same..and it would be my mum that would bare the brunt she would go on and on and on everyone she ever met would hear about it

    so I've gone off it... OH made me feel like I was daft and doesn't want to dismiss it because he doesn't know said neighbor and doesn't have any contact but then is dismissing other names because people I've never met have children of the same name

    am I being daft or is he pulling a "one rule for one, one rule for another"??
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    A name is a difficult thing to settle on.

    Not all couples fully settle on a name. We were quite fortunate last times.

    I dont think if neither of us were 100% then its not fair to pick a name the other ones doesnt like. That goes for him too.

  3. Blueclass

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    Oct 20, 2015
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    No I work in a school and really liked some names then a girl started with that name and she is horrible so iv gone of it. I think if you really don't want it then don't have it. This may sound selfish but I don't care.. you are carrying the child so I think we have more say. Hubby didn't really like the name.iv chosen to begin with but i told him well you got 9 months to get used to it! I have said however she might come out and look like something different so therefore we will wait but so far I have a frav. Stick to your guns!x

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