Those of you that are 10-12 weeks pregnant


Feb 1, 2005
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Does it hurt when you lay on your tummy at night? I'm starting to feel uncomfortable,but isn't it a little early yet?
I feel uncomfortable when laying on tummy but its mostly related to my bb's. They have increased two cup sizes to a GG! I do practise (or try my best to) sleep on my left side as I have read, as we advance its best for circulation to baby and to us... You wont be able to sleep on tummy much longer so you might as well get used to it :)

while my tummy doesnt hurt while lying on it, I do think in general my tummy is more sensative and even the slightest discomfort is painful. I 'm sure thats whats happening to you and nothing is wrong in a bad way.
I haven't been able to lay on my tummy for a few weeks now, it's normal. Try laying on your side with a pillow under your tummy or between your legs, it may help.
I am only 1 month pregnant (we think) and already I find it a little uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach...but I don't know how much of this is pshychological. Boobs are tender and I also have a slight pulling towards what I think is my left ovary (not really painful though). I am scared of having an ectopic although I know this is quite rare. Any advice??
Sorry, I forgot to say that I found out from the Doctor today that I am pregnant but not sure for how long due to slightly strange period last time...
I find it uncomfortable laying on my front just because i know the babys there i think, more than actually being uncomfortable. but i know what you mean, im trying to lay on my side more. xx
I don't find it uncomfortable but I am very worried about doing it, so I got a maternity pillow to hug and stop me turning over, it's a U shape so supports your front and back x
I've been getting occasional discomfort esp. if I get up suddenly or get out of bed too quickly. I looked into it and it seems that from 10-12w you have more pressure on the ligaments that support the uterus and this can cause discomfort and it stretches from below your pubic bone to your naval so it could all be related to that. x
I find it uncomfortable to sleep on my tummy, at times it almost feels like I have pulled a muscle in my side at times. Also get muscle pain if I sneeze! x
I actually find it more comfy sleeping on my right side. Weird.


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