This is typical of me!!! I am a born worrier!


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Jan 22, 2005
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I found out I am pregnant a couple of days ago and my Af is due to start tomorrow or the next day. What are the chances of a chemical pregnancy occuring? I have done a test every day since I have found out and it is still definately positive....I am just worrying about everything because of earlier miscarriage this year. I have pregnancy symptoms (tired and sore boobs) and ++++ tests - am I worrying for no reason?
by the sounds of it yes!! Sorry, didnt mean to be so blunt! I'm no expert but i would think that all this worrying is bad for baby. The more relaxed you are the more relaxed bump is so go and put your feet up and relax.

What you dont need is people saying 'what will be will be'..i know this is true but it makes me really angry aaaahhhhhhh

Take care of your self and the baby will do the rest xx
Thanks Jessika

You are DH has got the sun lounger out and I am sunbathing. I have a funny feeling the next couple of months (until I am in the "safe period" are going to dddddrrrrraaaaaggggg by. Never mind, nothing I can do about it! :lol:
Dont worry julia, the 1st 12 weeks will fly your prob already week 4! I thought it would drag and am now 17 weeks, just relax and rest when you get tired,

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