Things that go wrong at weddings....

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by floppit, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. floppit

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    Jul 23, 2007
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    Another thread reminded me of all the stress I put myself through worrying about my wedding beforehand. In the end some classic stuff went wrong but what I didn't know was that it would still be the best day of my life, that I'd remember the good bits with a smile and the c0ck ups with a giggle. I thought it might give those about to take the plunge a bit of a giggle to hear some stuff that can go wrong but still doesn't spoil the special day.

    Ok here's my list:
    We rented part of a castle in Scotland - the rest of it was still open to the public and some guy started to play a penny whistle outside the doors (badly) right through our vows bit!

    I completely forgot to sort myself out flowers, on the day I realised I had nothing to hold! My best mate's partner ran to a florist and begged them to make a bouquet there and then - they did and it was lovely.

    When announcing us as Mr and Mrs the registrar got the names muddled and used my name not his.

    I stubbed my toe and got blood on my dress!

    Hubby had lost alot of weight since being measure for his kilt, it hung too low, which is not good with Scottish relatives!!

    The photographer was a no show - but this meant everyone there who had a camera set about making sure they got ace shots. Our shots aren't as glam as formal ones but they have a 1000 times more feeling and there isn't a cliche shot amongst them. I'm really glad we didn't have some twonk turning all the pictures into something that looks the same as everyone else's.

    Oh - and I killed hubby to be's car the day before - I scraped the whole side on the pillar to the B&B, the damage I'd done ended up inspected by all guests and inlaws. :rotfl:

    You know what? Everyone loved the wedding, I think the stuff we didn't expect actually made the day.
  2. Squiglet

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    May 29, 2007
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    Oh god... there were loads of things that went wrong... I was never nervous about getting married... just that we'd forgotten something or there would be a hitch...

    1) I'd hung my veil up to let the creases fall out, but one of the cats had managed to get into the room (don't know how as the door was locked) and he had torn the veil to shreds on the day before the wedding... the bridal shop managed to make me a completely new one in under 8 hours... and best of all it was free because I was so upset...

    2) The taxi's to take my family from the hotel to the town hall never turned up and had to be reorded... and my mum was screaming that she was going to cancel the wedding..

    3) The man performing the wedding couldn't pronounce my name correctly... :rotfl: mainly cos Spaniards have "issues" with my name...

    4) The cake we had was supposed to be chocolate and was plain (wasn't to bad but I had gotten this crappy dessert, because all the other choices were chocolate, and I thought it would be too much :roll:)

    5) I had to put up with this god awful girl at my wedding because she was going out with a mate of my DH.... she got up in the middle of "our" dance and stormed out claiming she was suffering labour pains even though she was only 12 weeks pregnant. But no one noticed and not even her OH went to see if she was alright :rotfl: She is an attention seeking hore bag anyways... and that kinda made my day.

    6) Tia got upset because she thought that cos we were now married she wasn't part of the family anymore... which was so sweet yet sad at the same time.... She's got over that now..

    7) Best man forgot the speech... :rotfl:

    But no one noticed only us... and the wedding was only one moment in our married lives...
  3. floppit

    floppit Well-Known Member

    Jul 23, 2007
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    No fair - you got a free comedy act!! GOD I WISH I had known beforehand that no-one notices the blips and even if they do it just sticks them more firmly on your side.

    I'm sat here trying to say 'Squiglet' with a Spanish twist - it comes out like a dodgey flavour ice cream!
  4. libs

    libs Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2007
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    maybe it'll make me good to get all this down :wink:

    we booked a local cricket club for our wedding - we also got a patio and fields for the children. We explained at the time of booking we needed the rooms from about 2 pm onwards. The venue then booked another wedding upstairs (which they aren't meant to) and that meant the cricket team playing that day stayed our room until about 6. So we had to set up around them asking them to lift drinks to lay tablecloths etc

    I slid my white satin shoes off when we first got there- and one of their dogs dropped a slobber, grass and dirt covered ball into it..luckily I'd bought sequinned flip flops as well so i wore those.

    We were meant to have a kitchen with large fridges etc (it was the hottest day of the year) but when we got there they were all full so we ended up binning half the food (my mum was a caterer and insisted on doing the food so luckily there was loads)

    The wedding cake was made the wrong way round with the sponge bits on the bottom two when we put the heavy fruit layer on collapsed

    Half way through our first dance, a guest from the upstairs wedding (having passed 2 lots of toilets) walked up to us tapped my DH on the shoulder and shouted where are the toilets mate.. :roll: did he not notice the empty dancefloor, the big white dress and the audience.

    I dropped my bouquet in the morning and we had to stick 2 rose heads back on :oops:

    Having paid for the hire of the room and packed it to capacity - the crap woman running the place then tried to get me to clear up all the mess at 2am :rotfl: As they'd probably took record amounts behind the bar we told her where to stuff it

    England were playing that day and we had purposely booked these rooms as it was a sports bar and it included a room with a tv where I had no problem with anyone watching the match...the TV broke so my stepsons disappeared to a pub up the road for half the afternoon

    I bought loads of disposable cameras, which 1 particular part of my family collected up so i have hundreds of photos of cousins and their girlfriends..and v few of anyone else.

    When we were having our wedding photos done in a local beautiful park..we had to ask the glue sniffers to move out of shot :rotfl:

    One of the photos consisted of my sister throwing rose petals at me - one went in my eye so I looked like I was crying from then on

    and my niece repeatedly asked my dad all through the ceremony - are they married yet (she wanted to get to the disco) when my dad finally said yes - she said "Are you lying to me again Grandad" :rotfl: all on video

    all in all - next time I'm on a hot beach in a sarong :wink:
  5. lillou

    lillou Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2007
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    i love reading this but then i think i have all this to come :wall:
    to be honest iv promised OH that on the day if anything goes wrong we'l laugh it off, he knows am a bit of a perfectionist :lol:
  6. Manda&Thomas

    Manda&Thomas Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2007
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    everybit of my wedding went wrong from hubby seeing me turn up to nearerly forgetting to see the regestra before the wedding not forgetting the bestman who shouted out "hes a bandit" when they asked if anyone new why we shouldnt get married :shock:
    oh and hubby passed out drunk when we got hom so i went out with my mate lol till 2am came home to find hubby still asleep!!!
    manda xx
  7. Babylicious

    Babylicious Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2007
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    couple of things

    firstly my bitch of a sister caused a load of trouble the night before and really upset me. All about her invited some of her piss head mates, She went on to say that my neices couldn't be bridemaids

    Prior to the wedding she refused to come if we had a sit down meal so we didn't :roll:

    The hotel didn't have our booking as my twat of an ex forgot to pay the deposit

    My fat sister, mentioned before threw up in the taxi on the way back and we had to call my exes dad to come and get us :roll:
  8. Beany

    Beany Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2006
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    Removed due to deciding too personal for public viewing
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  9. Emmylou

    Emmylou Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2006
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    We were announced into the wedding meal as Mr & Mr (!) Johnston :rotfl:
  10. debecca

    debecca Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2007
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    These are hilarious girls (though probably only in retrospect).

    Nothing went wrong with ours, but that's probably because we ran off to Gretna Green with 2 weeks' notice and took only my in-laws :rotfl:
  11. kellie80

    kellie80 Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2005
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    I got my wedding dress caught in the car door and didn't realise it till we drove off and it went under the wheel. I was upset cos I was 6 months pregnant and i was scared of hurting baby but not too bothered about the dress. Just embarrassed! I went home and changed into my night time dress and was much comfier anyway :D
    OH had a row with the DJ too cos he played the manchester united song :? He supports Liverpool :roll: I know!
  12. MissSara

    MissSara Well-Known Member

    Oct 10, 2007
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    I'm ment to be getting married Feb 14th 2010, in the seychelles, even though it isn't booked yet we are hopong to book it after xmas is over and done with.

    You guys are putting me off now.....hehehe
  13. mrs_metal

    mrs_metal Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2007
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    I had a few things go wrong but it didn't spoil the day for anyone except me and I didn't want to be there anyway :D Not that I didn't want to marry him I just wanted to elope.

    The day before the wedding MIL decided she wanted to sit next to her son so he rang me to ask if we could swap our parents round then wouldn't understand why I went mad that he wanted his parents (who had done nothing to help prepare or pay or even show much interest in the wedding) to sit in the brides parents places (who had helped fund it and had helped out at every stage) :wall:

    The priest forgot to tell the parish registrar that he had a wedding booked so we had to wait about 20 mins in the middle of the service while the priest filled out the forms, he also got hubby to sign it in the wrong place so it said married in the parish of Martin ******* :D

    He also forgot to tell the organist so we had to scramble round the week before to find one, he cost us £500 and was rubbish! He got the tune to Jerusalem wrong!

    The wedding dress shop was rubbish, for me and the 4 bridesmaids only 1 of the dresses arrived at the right size. They were also supposed to dye the shoes for the bridesmaid and one pair didn't turn up til a few days before the wedding (should have been a month before). My dress was supposed to do up underneath as well as on top but the underneath part wouldn't stay up so a flap kept falling down, kept finding one of my bridesmaids up my skirt fixing it :lol:

    Also I eat when I get stressed and on the day it was a VERY close run thing whether they'd get me into the dress at all!

    Up til gone midnight the night before making, what felt like, hundreds of button holes.

    The hairdresser (recomended by an in-law) was horrendously slow! (the hair did look nice though) and it left me less than two minutes to get dressed so forgot to put on perfume or garter, nearly forgot my jewelry!

    Thought I'd arranged for the make up lady to do my nails but I didn't (I also broke two nails the night before).

    Got no photos of me at home before leaving for the church cos the hairdresser was so slow. Also got no photo's of just me and my brother.

    As we were leaving the house the biggest rose fell out of my bouquet! Dad managed to put it back in ok though.

    Got to the top of the aisle and the priest was no where to be seen, 5mins later he came in, took him longer than expected to put his robes on :D Was probably a blessing in disguise as I was very close to tears walking up the aisle but with an AWOL priest I found it really funny :D

    Everyone told me the florist had done a fantastic job of the flowers in the church but I forgot to look at them :(

    The priest took so long with the service (just over an hour!) that we were late getting to the reception, we were supposed to have the speaches first but they started bringing out the food as soon as we sat down. We had these lovely petty fours and I forgot to eat any before they were taken away!

    Once we'd done the photo's my dress had a way of the train buttoning up at the back, but within 10 minutes of buttoning it up my Mum decided to stand on the bottom of it while I was walking away and broke the button (friends Mum sewed it together with an emergency sewing kit)

    Husband didn't realise the best man had taken the cd with the wedding song out of the case so he brought an empty cd case to the reception so no first dance!

    WOW I don't think I've ever written it all down before, what a catalogue of disasters! The worst part was I just wanted to elope but hubby insisted on the church and reception to keep his family happy (who still weren't happy in the end!). I really didn't enjoy the wedding day, I'm not good with being the centre of attention.

    Anyone who got to the bottom of this post WELL DONE :rotfl:

    Oh I forgot, Hubby's uncle helped decorate the hall and put the middle tier of the cake on backwards, I didn't realise til all the photo's were taken :lol:
  14. jendav81

    jendav81 Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2007
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Here's what went wrong with my one: (it's quite long sorry!!!).

    We got married in a country hotel and also had the reception there too.

    In the morning I had booked a family suite for me and my bridesamaids to stay the night before and get ready in on the day. I had booked this when we picked the venue, 18months before the actual day. When we got there another family were in it (not guests of our wedding) and my mum managed to get them moved other wise I would hve been in a room on my own!

    The wedding was at 2pm and some of the guest wnated to check in early to get ready at the hotel and they weren't allowed to check in until 2pm (what a genius idea).

    No one remebered to turn on the video camera for the ceremony so we just have 2minutes of empty chairs as husband set it up!!! :evil:

    The photograpgher took so long in finishing photos that we were an hour late for the reception and that meant that the band couldn't start until 9.30pm ( they had meant to start at 8pm). :wall:

    They printed the wrong day on the wedding menus so it said Friday instead of Saturday. :doh:

    They lost the seating plan. Which my Dad found in a cupboard!

    THey didn't put the place cards in the right place (even after my mum showing them where to put them) so my grandparents backs were to us for the whole meal.

    When we went into the reception hall after the meal there was a 50 Cent song ("Candy Shop" I think.. not very weddingy!!!) blaring out I went up to the band to complain but it was the hotel cleaners that had it going through the PA system and they had to turn it off!!

    I had my period the day of the wedding unfortunatley, so when new hubby and I went up to our honeymoon suite to get changed and freshen up none of the toiletries were there (including my tampons, shampoo, soap, deoderant, also my mum had got me v expensive Prada toiletries as a gift to match my wedding perfume....) we spent about an hour searching for them and found them mysteriously in a cleaners cupboard ( the hotel denies that their cleaners had stolen it).

    But we had an amazing honeymoon in the Maldives which is where we conceived so it wasn't all bad!!!

    :D :D :D
  15. lella

    lella Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2006
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    All this talk reminds me of my first wedding.

    I had an almighty row with my sister the night before and she threatened not to come to the wedding.(this was way back when me and my sister didnt get on, we are best friends now)

    On the day my mom turned up late to the house with my sister, who was a bridesmaid. she had to get in her dress and do her hair and make up in 30 mins.

    My step dad was rude to my sister inlaw, consequently my mom had to keep him in check and didnt help me put my dress on.

    When i got to the church i was asked to go round again, the groom was still in the pub!

    The organist stopped playing halfway through a hymn, with the vicar jestering to him to carry on, he was out of tune and out of time.

    During the photos, OH family disappeared down the pub (see a pattern here)

    Once we got to the reception, one of OH mates pushed my sister out the way swearing at her. Her husband threatened to punch his lights out.

    The same mate then went onto the fire escape and threw a glass at a lady who came into her garden and asked him to be quiet (houses backed onto the social club)

    The police arrive to take the mate away, but then left empty handed cuz a policeman was having his wedding reception there the next week and the manager basically said he would cancel the venue if they didnt leave. (cant believe that one)

    the mate passed out in the corner, we left him there.

    Then the first dance was a total waste of time, my OH was more interested in laughing at his mates and i had to say to him "well look at me then" Much to his ex girlfriends delight.(yes she came!)

    We had gatecrashers, one of them even had the cheek to grab hold of me ask for a dance. (I obliged, thinking he must know my OH :lol: )

    OH then passed out on the bed when we got to our hotel room.

    Needless to say 4 years later i walked out on him

    2nd wedding.

    Perfect in everyway! Except it rained and the hairdresser got lost and i had 2 mins to put my dress on. My stepmom caused a bit of trouble by insisting she put the pushchair of her foster son in the aisle of the church for me to walk round! :wall:
    But its the best day of my life, except for having our LO.
  16. sam96031

    sam96031 Well-Known Member

    Sep 1, 2006
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    these made me laugh
    1. noone helped me get ready i hoped mum would but she was more interested in bridesmaids so i got dressed, did my make up and hair on my own.
    2. got my cloak stuck on a nail in the door way of the church so nearly strangled myself and the vicar was left walking up the aisle on hos own as we detangled it.
    3. my 4 tier wedding cake collapsed so i only had the three bigger tiers left.
    4. my feet were hurting so took my shoes off and wore pink fluffy slippers which noone noticed (i was 6 months pregnant at the time so my feet were swollen).
    5. the cd with our first dance song on didnt work so we ended up with brian adams everything i do all in all a good song but it was also my mum and step dads first song so had them going on and on about how we had copied them.
    but all in all it was a great day :cheer:
  17. Suzie and Faith

    Suzie and Faith Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2007
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    Hehe, these stories made me laugh so much. You all spent so long planning it too!
    We did ours in 9 weeks! From decision day to wedding day!
    We had a few mishaps

    1. My mum thought we had an hour more than we actually did to get ready and consequently her and the 6 bridesmaids threw their clothes on last minute.
    2. I had to do my own make up because everyone else was too busy panicking.
    3. No one apart from me was ready when the limo came!
    4. My OH went from the reception venue back home looking for the place names which turned out to be at the reception venue in the first place.
    5. My youngest niece and nephew fell over on my dress 4 times on the dance floor.
    6. My brother held the wedding up by arriving late - in towe were a bridesmaid and page boy.
    7. My brother's ex's phone went off during the service
    8. He was also doing the DJing and he had to rush from the reception venue back home because he'd forgotten his CDs.

    But everything else went well i think! None of that stuff was particularly major so, yeh, pretty successful for 9 weeks planning!
  18. loz

    loz Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2007
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    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Ha ha I thought loads of stuff went wrong for me but think I got off quite lightly in comparison!
    1) I stayed with my sister the night before the wedding in a cramped spare room, no frills.
    2) On the morning of the wedding my sister (also my bridesmaid) said that she wasnt sure how to do my dress up as she hadnt made it to any of the fittings and didnt have a proper full length mirror so couldnt see myself properly. She hadnt cleared up her room with the mirror in so I was stepping over loads of crap in my wedding dress when trying to get ready.
    3) The photographer was nearly an hour late for photos before we went to the church so we were panicking that he wasnt going to show.
    4) There was a wasp in the wedding car taking me to the church, so I was panicking and the driver eventually begrudgingly stopped and helped get rid of it.
    5) My sister was texting her friends in the wedding car on the way to the church.
    6) As we were going to the church we saw the photographer broken down on the side of the road!
    7) When we got to the church the photographer eventually arrived in a very flustered state having been rescued by the AA.
    8) As I walked down the aisle, the music we had asked for sounded crap as the sound man hadnt tested it beforehand.
    9) At the reception it rained and some photos had to be done inside which was ok but the photographer didnt arrange any groups properly and although are good quality look crappy as my dress isnt arranged and the people are not in proper order.
    10) The food took ages to come
    11) The best man was so nervous about his speech that he couldnt think of anything else and the people who did the buffet had to come to me and ask for the cheque!
    12) My nana decided at the last minute not to come to the wedding at all.
    13) We had asked the ushers to move the flowers into the main reception area but they forgot and ended up doing it when we were eating our meal.
    14) When we got home, a neighbours car alarm went off for hours and caused uproor in our street.

    However we did enjoy our day and loads of stuff went well too!

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