they think they got it wrong!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by soconfused, Jun 8, 2005.

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    i have just come back from the doctors where i thought i was just going to get a usual check up from my midwife.

    when i went in the room she said that the antenatal dept from the hospital had rang earlier today to see if everything was ok with me because i had missed an appointment. :? well i knew nothing about this appointment, when it was meant to be or even why i was meant to go because when i went to the hospital for my scan i was told that evrything was fine with my baby.

    so the midwife rang the hospital but she couldnt get to the bottom of it so she gave the hospital my home number and asked them to ring me when they had sorted it out and just told me that they had probably just got the details mixed up and that the message was probably meant for someone else.

    i have just had a call from a lady at the hospital saying that a letter was sent out on the 6th of may with an appointment because since i was booked late they are not entirely sure if i have the correct due date :cry: so they dont know exactly how old my little princess is either. but the lady said since i never recieved the letter she will send me another appointment.

    to make matters worse the midwife then took my blood pressure and oh the shock :shock: it was pretty high! so she wants to see me on friday morning to check it again and that everythings ok

    im just really mad because when i went for my scan (4th may) at the hospital i was told that everything was fine and that unless the midwife thought there was something wrong then i wouldnt need to go to the hospital again.

    aswell how could it possibly take them just over a month to realise that i had missed my appointment which was to have another scan and not asked for another one???

    so now im sat here worrying which will make my blood pressure even worse!

    lauren and bump
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    I hope it all gets sorted out for you soon sweetheart! What a bloody nightmare. This isone of the reasons I'm changing hospital! Keep that blood pressure down and take some rest. Don't worry too much (easier said than done I guess!)

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