The truth about miscarriage!

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    Now this is how I (we) really feel...

    What would they have been like?
    I would have been having a baby next month, then the month after that, and then may- all three ended in miscarriage. The last one nearly took my life! Nearly took me from my soul mate and my child.
    I get bitter sometimes, but then I feel strong. Strong for my child, the one which I got.
    No one knows what it's like, to lose Angel babies. Women who have no problem make it look so easy, those that smoke and drink, with no problemo.

    Deciding to stop trying: the answer is it's very hard, as you always ask yourself; would I have been ok next time, having tests to see if you have an underlying medical condition, praying you have nothing wrong so you can spend a long fulfilled life with your little family is hard! Hardest thing I've ever done is go through this.

    But I did it, I'm ok now. Yeah sure from time to time, I get sad and hopeless. Jealous and happy for people all at the same time.

    I wanted to say this to all of you going through this right now, statistically you'll get a baby eventually but it's doesn't make this any easier, and my advice to you is that you'll get through this. You are strong ladies and God bless you all xxx

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