TFF! and general moan please join me

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by specialbump, May 22, 2013.

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    spd killing me whole week without sleeping cant drop off when i get comfy for o.h snoring and im far comfy on the sofa than laid flat in bed , when i lie on my sides my hips and down my legs throb and im sure my legs are geting fat as i have elastic marks from my socks. generaly feeling peeved off and fed up.

    was in day unit day b4 last as i rang for advice have been wearing liners as my bladders terrible and on them was a brown colouring didnt look like blood nor was it gunky like discharge but went in and they asked about active baby 10 times in 10 hours i was like NO!!! not for over a week?? i thught he was geting big and slowing down durhhhh little did i know that if its less than 10 movments a day u have 2 go in ??? seems alot that but i have frontal placenter wich i did tell them so i was on a trace for a hour she said if the bottom part spikes ur having contractions well the bottom was spikey and they said its just braxton hix i have had" tummy ache" a good week now little period cramps and that explains them. baby was fine real active and wierd seeing it but not feeling .had a speculum done by a trainee and she stuck it in opend it up and i was in pirceing pain the mw seen i was uncomfy and said she would take over as the lady couldnt get aclear view of my the trainee instead of winding the clamp down just pulled it out holy F**K i nearly screamed the place down just aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    had them done b4 but never with a tear in my eye like that just ouch i could feeli it sliping as she was moving it then she just yanked it out :'(
    other woman took over and said she couldnt see first time as im tilted what does that mean>? didnt ask i couldnt b botherd staying after that i needed to be out.she said there was no graizes on me and cervix was clear with normal vaginal discharge she took swabs and i have 2 wait for results.since come home and have the same brown colouring i will ring my gp surgery n see if the swabs are back if not i will hold out till i see midwife tuesday not going through that again with that stupid woman. sorry for the long rant im feeling that way out.

    to top it all off just watched holby city from yesterday and cried my eyes out at sasha shaveing his hair .just generaly down in the dumps today and verry sleep deprived 59 days left it cant come fast enough
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    I feel your pain hun! That speculum thing hurts! reminds me of smear test - bork! Just try and keep going, time honestly does fly. The sleeping thing is hard. I've found sleeping on my left makes me need a wee loads during the night. So last night I slept on my right but really propped up and I only got up once for a wee because hubby got up. felt good not to be up like five times! xx
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