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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by emma_85, Jan 3, 2016.

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    Hi ladies

    I've been and purchased a first response 2 test kit today and plan to test with my FMU tomorrow.

    According to my TOTM calendar I am due on my period on 5th Jan. I will be 12 DPO too so I'm hoping for an accurate result.

    The last couple of days my symptoms of mild cramps, twinges in my boobs and CM have calmed down a lot. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. I keep getting a flushed face though and I'm aching a lot too. The past couple of nights I've been waking around 4am for a loo trip and finding it nearly impossible to get back to sleep for a good few hours. During this time I have a horrid anxiety/nervous butterfly feeling in my tummy, which is likely the reason for insomnia. Odd! I'm now finding it hard to believe I'm pregnant as my symptoms have changed so much within a short space of time.

    If I am a BFN (which i'm expecting tbh, because my previous tests have been) I will hang on a while before I test again. I may well even call my Dr to discuss what's been going on as it is very unusual for me to have any symptoms other than a few days of cramps before coming on. I'm hoping they will carry out a blood test to check if I am pregnant, but I've heard that surgeries these days rely on the home tests because they are so accurate.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings...
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    Good Luck Emma! Fingers crossed for you! Xx

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