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    May 16, 2005
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    Just thought I'd recomend Tesco on-line grocery shopping to people, I have done it a couple of times now and I really recomend it.
    If your finding you feel too sick to wander round the shops looking at all that food, or just you dont feel up to going round the supermarket on a crowded weekend when your back hurts etc. Plus once you have a newborn in the house it will be a godsend to have your shopping delivered to you door.
    I have been really impressed with the service, I have found the site really helpfull and even with paying for delivery it has reduced my shopping bills cause I can specifically hunt for all the deals which I may miss just wandering round the store.
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    MIL suggests this to me only yesterday - it stops you impulse buying (which I'm sure most of us are guilty of - my vice = clothes!) and cuts the cost down that way. the charge for delivery is only what you would pay in petrol and trawling round trying to find parking too.

    cheers for the reminder though Cat :D

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