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Feb 17, 2005
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has ne 1 got the same prob as me ive gotta tell me mum and its sooo scary
actually i take that back ive just told my parents and they are happy 4 me my mum even offered to buy the pushchair :D
do you still live at home with your mum? or do you live with your boyfriend? Does your mum have any idea you and your boyfriend where trying for a baby? I think you and your boyfriend should tell her together. (but then you know your mum best) what do you think? if she didn't know you where trying for a baby she will probably be suprised. I think if you mention you have something important to tell her she may get an idea. Have it planned in your head what you will say, go over it a few times. Then sit her down and tell her.

You said your 19. It is quite a young age to have a baby. Only you know if your ready for it emotionally. If this is what you and your boyfriend really want then explain this to your mum.

Good luck

(I read your post about Folic acid) yea you should be taking it for the first 12 weeks. You can get a vitamin that has the daily recomended folic acid and also all the other vit's your body might need whilst your pregnant. The folic acid is to ensure the babies spinal cord forms correctly. I think your doctor will give you folic acid tablets - have you been to see the doc yet to confirm the pregnancy? or you can buy it from any chemist or supermarket.

Happy pregnancy
CONGRATULATIONS... i bet that's a relieve. Glad your parents are happy for you. I bet you feel much better now it's out in the open.
yes i do my hands have stopped shaking lol

my mum didnt know we were trying for a baby and yes i live with my fiancee weve benn together for about 3 yrs now he already has a son from previous relationship hes a great dad and hes looking forward to his second child im still abit shocked as i dont feel pg but my test proved that wrong so now ive just gotta get it backed up by the doctor.

thanx hun still dont feel real lol i suppose when i start being sick and getting fatter it will :D

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