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    Lola has gone off her bottles. I have to really force her sometimes cause she's gone all day without a feed and she gets really agitated cause she's starving.she's had the teets on the bottles since she was about 3months old.she's coming up to 7months.the bottles she has are the mam ones.should i change them?anyone else's baby do the same thing?she's been on solids since she was 6months. Also when did you put yours on follow on milk?and how often do you give it them?like normal feeds?
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    I've never used MAM bottles/teats, but from what I've just looked at online, I think the last/oldest aged teat you can get is;
    FT1202....Baby...3....Fast Flow

    But I cannot find what age range that is for, but I have Isaac on Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature teats and his are a size 3 fast flow, however it is suggested you change to the size 3 at 4months old. It could be the flow is too fast, does she dribble a lot of the milk? If so, maybe try a lower size for a while?
    FT0202....Baby...2....Medium Flow

    But overall, just see your HV or GP if you're concerned.

    If she is eating solids then that could be substituting a lot of her feeding needs, at 7months milk is still very important for your baby and you should aim to give 500-600 mls (one pint) of milk each day, so if she's taking that much it's fine, in addition to the foods you are giving.

    As for Stage2 Follow-On formula, its suggested you start it at 6months as it has tailored vitamins, minerals etc for a growing baby, which the first formula doesn't have, so I would suggesting switching yes, and offer it as you would her previous formula. My son has roughly 25oz of formula a day plus solids, but EVERY baby is different, so its important to discuss all this with your HV who has recoreds of your LO's growth, eating pattern etc.

    Very best wishes :hug: :hug: :hug:

    http://www.tinytums.co.uk/content/baby_ ... _milk.aspx
    http://www.drgreene.org/body.cfm?id=21& ... il&ref=857

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