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    i'v successfully formula-fed millie recently, but i was surprised at how little milk she eats. i kno im giving her 3 meals a day, but when she's on my breast for 5-10 mins and im hearing lots of gulps, i estimated she was having about 200mls of milk. but with the bottle she seems to eat at just the same speed as she does on my breast, but when i check the level on the bottle only 50 or 100mls have gone!

    i told my boyf's SIL about this (whose 6-month-old twins are bottle-fed) and she said maybe i need bigger teats- hers are on size 4 now. well i didnt kno there were different size teats! :shock:

    i checked the box that the avent bottles i bought came in, and it says the teats are size 2 "slow". so maybe its that she cant get enough milk out thru it? :? but she seems to get plenty (i can see it dribbling down her chin) and anyway i thought breas-fed babies were used to working hard for their milk coz breasts arent as free-flowing as bottles :think:

    do u think i should get bigger teats or is it just that she wont take that much milk now she has solids?
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    We've recently changed Danica's teats from size 1 to size 2 and she is definitely eating better! Given that millie is 6 months old I would at least try size 3: she might be confused in the beginning but as long as she isn't chocking she should be all right.

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