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Jul 27, 2005
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i thought i was coping really well with loosing my babies well as well as you can do, but tonite all i have done is cried i just feel so upset and want to still be pregnant, me and garry are not going to TTC for a while we are going to appreciate B but i would still like to be pregnant i think my family are starting to get sick and tired of me as all i am doing is moping around!! wen will i start to feel better?

lots of love sarah
Hun, don't be so hard on yourself. I have never been through what you have but have experienced loss and have found that one minute you are doing ok the next you are feeling so low. You are grieving for your babies and grief takes time. Just because you are crying it does not mean you are not coping, it is not a bad thing. Crying is a part of the natural process of grieving. I wish I could give you a hug hun, but can only send you one over the net (hug). How about having a memorial for your babies, it can just be you or you can have family and friends, perhaps plant two rose bushes or trees or do something that you feel is right for you to help you say goodbye to your little babies and for you to remember them. You could do this when you felt it was time for you to say goodbye. Don't put a time limit on yourself to feel "normal" and don't make apologies to anyone for how you feel. Saying that though if you do feel that you need more support getting through this, you could perhaps talk to your Dr or there are support groups for people who have experienced the sme as you have sorry I don't have any numbers but maybe someone else does or there are websites). There is also this forum, you know we are all here for you and all acre for you. I will PM you with my email so if you want to get in touch you can. Take care of yourself, lots of love xxx
hi sarah, i lost my baby a couple if weeks ago, i still have my little bean in a box in my bedroom, as i still dont know what to do with him/her. you will start to feel better soon, i have good days and bad days, i think to myself my whole year has changed i had so many ideas for my little bean my children were so excited. i think to myself that there must have been a reason why my baby was taken away, it was just not meant to be. i m/c 7 years ago as well and still i think about my bean, what would have been. never ever think that your annoying your family, they are probably in a situation where they dont know how to react, my auntie died recently she was young and i didn't know how to react towards my mum i was ignoring her as i didn't know what to say. when i lost my bean i thought that most of my family didn't care and i was a hassle going on, its just they didn't know what to say. when you loose someone its the hardest thing ever and no one knows how to conduct themselves, unless they have been through the same thing they will never know. hold in there sarah, time is a great healer. take care. and take as long as you need to grieve. sending a pray and hug for you and babies xxxxxxxxxxxx
just noticed the date of when your son was born, my daughter was born 20/8/05 quite close.take care sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Sarah,
It's totally understandable how you're feeling. You're going to have good and bad days for a little while and crying is good. I know it sounds bonkers but you'll get some relief by crying. Each day will help make things better. I agree with the others your family probably don't know what to do for the best. But don't you feel bad for being upset. You've got every right to be.
Take care,
ditto what S just said.. you need time and no-one can expect you to be OK.. I still get upset even now when I think of my losses but it does get easier. Just allow yourself to grieve and don't rush yourself - it will get better only once you have really allowed yourself to feel the loss.. don't bottle it up.. thats what I did and that's why i still feel so down about it all now...

we are here to help you get through

I don't know what to say to you Sarah, but I am so sooo sorry you lost your babies. :cry:

I have read what everyone else has put on here, and can only agree with them all. Spend time with Braydon and Garry and your family, you'll need time to recover from this. As you yourself has said you have had such a rollercoaster of emotions this past week and a half that it is completely normal that you are tearful.

Let it all out hun, and believe me your family aren't getting sick of you, they want to be able to take the pain away but don't know how.

We're always here for you.

hey hun

ive talked to you a few times already but i hope your doing okay and take as ong as you want to grieve and take your week off and just relax.
your family just prob doesnt know what to say, i know when i found out the only thing i can say is im so sorry, cuz ive never been through it.
Love ya, take care
Katrina and Kiara big hugz and kisses
Im so sorry for your little beans sarah just want you to know

when your feeling sad and blu just you rememeber were all here thinking of you.

take care love

Hi Sarah,

I had no idea when i spoke to you at the weekend you had lost your twins, I am so sorry. I feel the same way you do and I keep blaming myself. My parents are the only ones i've got just now and I keep shutting them out, I've not eaten or slept since I lost my baby and just spend most of the time in my room crying. I was 10 weeks gone and thought i'd had gotten over the worst bit until i started to bleed last week. I'll try and get online tonight and maybe we can cheer each other up.


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