Tear Prevention?


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Jun 14, 2005
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I've read that massaging your perineum (the bit between your vagina and anus) with almond oil (or olive oil etc) in the weeks leading up to the birth can really help prevent tearing or the need for an episiotomy.

Did any of you ladies do this massage and did it help? What oil did you use?
I was going to do this from 37 weeks but never got the chance as Rubie was born at 37 weeks. I have heard that olive oil is a good choice :D
Never did either cos i wrongly thought cos this was number six and I didnt need stitches last 2 babies I wouldnt again.....Fraid I didnt expect the 4 minute second stage OUCH !!!!

I heard the same that olive oil is the best.

Good luck !!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks - I've started massaging with almond oil on the basis that it might help and can't hurt!!
essential oils have worked wonders for me uptil now so reading through my book i found that rubbing the perineum daily with 1/4 teaspoon joboba oil helps the skin become more supple. this can be done from 8 weeks before due date.
i have not done it yet though as im loading up on oils and its costing a fortune (rose oil, v v v v small bottle: 35euros!!!!!! :shock: )

i do have oils for after the birth though to help heal the perineum. 2 drops of lavender and 2 drops of cypress up to 3 times a day while soreness persists. put them in your bath or a bidet. rose is good for sore nipples, though be sure to wash well if you're breast feeding

love natural remedies!! tell me how it goes if you try it..

pip xx

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