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Apr 9, 2005
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Does anyone else feel the same?
I always think being pregnant takes such a long time. At least it feel a long time being pregnant. Im finding myself counting the days till the next week is over. Just so I can be one more week ahead.
I want to start buying bits but I also feel I want to wait until the 21 wk scan to find out what we're having first.
Think Im just a very impatient person.
Am I the only one????

I can understand how you feel, as I was like that in the first trimester weeks, because of the higher risk of miscarrying, but now I am being a bit more patient as I am dreding the actual labour! Now that I have seen our baby on the scan I think I am a bit more relieved as well.

I to want to buy all the bits and pieces, but we are in the process of moving at the moment so we decided not to buy anything until we have actually moved.

I am sure the weeks will fly by and before you know it we are all big bellied woman waiting desperatly to pop!

I am enjoying the peace & quiet while I can! LOL!

Sarah x
Oh Yes, I know exactly how you feel :D

Because I had a miscarriage with my 6th pregnancy, this my 7th pregnancy has gone so slow its painful. Ive been so worried and nervous something is going to go wrong. Im now 13 weeks 1 day and feel like the last 3 weeks have been months! I had a scan at 9 weeks and because they were happy, they cancelled my 12 week scan and the next one is going to be 20 weeks which seems like an eternity away to be honest.

Ive not heard the babys heartbeat because my last appointment was at just before 12 weeks, so im in limbo waiting until the 7th June my next appointment when I have the double Blood tests.

I wish I had a Scanner sitting in my bedroom so I could go and do a check every now and then.!!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxx
I know how you feel aswell.

You go through your whole pregnancy in a bubble, waiting to have your scan, then to hear the baby's heartbeat, then to feel movement and then for the baby to make an appearance so you end up missing the last nine months because you have wished it by.

This is my second pregnancy and I did that with my first, I'm trying to enjoy this one though but must admit I'm finding it hard to focus on what stage I'm at now rather that what stage I'll be at next week(if you know what I mean).

Just try to enjoy every minute and not wish it away.

Yeah I know exactly how you feel. I can't believe it's been such a relatively short time since I discovered that I was pregnant- it seems like an eternity! I thought I'd feel more relaxed at 12 weeks but now I'm just trying to get to week 16 when I have my next midwife appointment and she's going to listen to the heartbeat. I don't get a scan at all until 20 weeks and that's absolutely ages away! I don't want to wish my life away but this waiting is so hard! I keep trying to think of this whole experience as an improving experience- it's very much like just giving in to the will of fate or God or whoever you believe in and trusting that it will work out isn't it?

There are lots of patient waiting women in mythology, I wonder if it's just something that is essentially female because of our ability to carry children? I've got this quite crazy hippy your vegetarian pregnancy book that has this oriental quote in it:- "In order to gain control you must first lose it" and that's really what it's going to be like isn't it? I mean we'll go from having little control over what our bodies do and how are baby is and when it appears to having a huge control over that baby's life. Maybe nature makes us wait this long not just in order for the baby's brain to develop but also so that we'll be ready for the challenge?

I can't believe that I've kind of come to terms with the fact that I'm not in control of my body- that someone else is at the wheels! When I was a teenager the thought of that aspect of pregnancy used to genuinely scare me to the point where I never thought I'd be able to do it! Now that I am it's not as freaky as I thought it would be and I'm ready to let that someone else totally change my life as well because the loss of control over my body and the loss of control over the direction of the rest of my life is totally worth the experience of creating this new life if you know what I mean? It's scary and beautiful and world-changing and terrifying all at once and I'm actually quite sad that men don't get to choose to do this however difficult it is.

I think i really need to get myself hobby. Anyone got any ideas????
:D Well I think it depends what you like.

I have several hobbies but I have to admit at the moment I find it really difficult to concentrate.

I do a lot of reading of novels, write the odd short story. A good one is Family History Research cos you can do so much of it online!

Thought of taking knitting which makes me laugh out loud for myself because the last time i tried knitting was when i was pregnant with my first son, but the time i eventually finished his pretty little maternae jacket he was about seven. (hes now 19 & 6 foot 4)

Or some form of sewing, like cross stitch is relaxing. Or learning to play a musical instument like the guitar, cos you can pick up some cheap ones from argos.

Hope this helps!!!
Trouble with me is im full of ideas shame i dont cary them out myself!!!

Ragna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am crocheting like a thing demented! Knitting and crocheting is "in" so don't worry about looking like a grannie as apparently Julia Roberts does it in public! There are loads of free patterns online too. One of my fave sites is Craftster where people post up instructions for projects and photos. Here is the board for baby projects:-

http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.ph ... oard=100.0

And here is the general link, there are boards for just about every craft you can think of and most of the stuff on there is really cool:-


Thanks guys, its doing my head in just watching TV all day. Theres only so much daytime TV i can watch and Im not very good at just sitting around doing nothing.
Im currently cross stiching a winni the pooh alphabet picture for the baby, I started it to help me quit smoking when my partner and I started trying. Its really reqarding and were doing the whole design of the nursery around it.
Im currently studying for an OU degree so that gives me something to do at home, they also do lots of short 10 week courses and things so you could look at doing that?
Hi Cat,

my Mum started doing a degree with the OU when I was a baby- she said it saved her sanity when my brother and I were both very small and unable to communicate with her! (She said it felt like her brain was melting!) As you know you can do short courses that all add up to your degree and she took lots of years out when she was too busy. I have many memories of her writing essays late at night and rushing out in the morning to post them! I think it must have been really positive to see an adult still studying and learning as to me and my brother continued learning was what adults do if you see what I mean?

She also got to go on Summer Schools which gave her a break from family life and gave my Dad a good reason to be main parent for a week. Funnily enough she finished her degree when I was doing the second year of mine! We both studied Modern Literature at the same time and used to phone each other for ideas when we were writing essays which was cool. I'm still really proud of my Mum for studying when we were young and I think it's a great idea for all the family! I'm thinking of doing a distance course related to my job (I work in a library but don't have any librarian qualifications) but I haven't sorted it out yet- might wait until next Autumn when I have a better idea of what my husband and I are going to do work-wise.

Thats excellent Rosebay, the whole baby thing was planned for us to tie in with my degree, for exactly that reason, to stop my brain from being just a milky sponge! plus that way by the time the child reaches school age I will have an English degree under my belt and Im looking at going into teaching.
I think ive been quite lucky as i work full time during the week and do all the other unjoyful household things at the weeked, my time seems to go fairly quickly! Although cant beleive im only just 14 weeks, it seems like so long ago i found out about being pg and yet it was only 9 weeks ago!

I find tapestries are quite relaxing, and quite easy to do, thats what i plan to do when i give up work, which unfortunatley wont be until approx 2 weeks before my due date!

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