Symptoms proved to be positive!!!!! Elated!!!!!


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Jan 22, 2005
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I wrote in a couple of days ago telling you about the symptoms I was having. I did an early preg test and found it to be positive. I have been to the Doctor who also confirmed this by another test. I am only 3 - 4 weeks pregnant (or so I think - could be longer). Anyone else in the same boat????Please contact me.....
Hi Julie

First of all - congratulations...

I'm off to the doctors today for a test. I'mm 11 days late which us very unusual for me. I've done a home test and it was a negative.. I don't know what to think...

Up to now my symptoms have been

1. 11 days late (af)
2. one sore nipple (why one I don't know) not sore kind of tender.
3. period pains but very very low down - ovaries area.
4. slightly swollen lower tum.

apart from no 1. all the symptoms i'm having are like my period is due any day.

Did you have any of these symptoms before you tested?
Hi Hayley

Wanted to know how the test turned out....yes, I did have these symptoms but I tested before my period and had a positive....Any joy??
Hi Julia!

I did a test yesterday and it was positive!! Yay! Worked out my dates and am exactly 3 weeks and 1 day, although they say you calculate from the first day of your last period which would make me 5 weeks and 1 day. Its really good to find someone in the same boat as me, as this is my first and am finding it all a little scary! It was planned but I think Im still in shock nonetheless! I dont know how Im supposed to feel at this point, didnt sleep much last night thinking about it and the fact that there is something growing inside me! Have you been getting many symptoms? Ive started feeling nauseous over the last few days - that I can cope with but if I start throwing up I will not be happy!

Would be great to hear from you, is this your first? Perhaps we could go through it all together!
I am sooooo pleased it turned out positive....I first wrote to the forum a couple of weeks ago telling you of my good news....unfortunately, I miscarried two weeks ago shortly after my good news. But,,,I think I might have caught again...I have the same symptoms as last time plus I ovulated straight after I miscarried so I could very well be... I will keep you informed. Really pleased to hear your news though - it is realy weird to have something growing inside you (which isn't bad for your health). Every night when I was pregnant I went to sleep with a smile on my face but also a bit scared! I feel fine after my miscarriage because I know it wasn't my fault and it was simply nature taking its only took us two months to conceive so hopefully If I am not already preggers I will be very soon. Once again, I am delighted for you and maybe we can stay in touch...

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