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Apr 7, 2009
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Not sure if this is going to be useful, but seeing as we have so many threads on it now I thought it might be helpful as I've been looking online for information and thought having all these links in one place may benefit others.


National Pandemic Flu Service
The Department of Health has announced that it will soon launch its National Pandemic Flu Service. This service is made up of a website and call centres which will quickly be able to tell members of the public whether they have swine flu. If they do, they will be given an authorisation number that a ‘flu friend’ – a friend or relative who does not have swine flu – can use to pick up antivirals from local antiviral collection points.
England - the service should be up and running in England from the end of next week. Until then, if someone thinks they may have swine flu, they should go online and check symptoms on the NHS Choices website, or call the swine flu information line on 0800 1 513 513. If they still think they have swine flu, they should then call their GP
Scotland - people who are worried about flu-like symptoms should continue to contact their GP or NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24
Wales - if symptoms are causing concern, or people are in an at risk group such as those with heart and lung disease, children under five or pregnant women, they should phone NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or phone their GP.
Official NHS Website including downloadable information leaflets[/URL]
Regional Information[/URL]
Local Information[/URL]
International Travel Advice[/URL]
Country by Country Information[/URL]
If you think you may have swine flu:
NHS Flu Symptom Checker[/URL]
If you think you have swine flu, check your symptoms online using the NHS flu symptom checker or call the Swine Flu information line on 0800 1 513 513.
If you still think you may have swine flu, call your local GP - do not go to the GPs surgery or hospital in person.
Your local GP will be able to tell you if you have swine flu over the phone.
If they say you have swine flu they will give you a voucher number which your Flu Friend (the person caring for you) can use to pick up anti-viral drugs from the local collection centre. This may be a local pharmacy or community centre.
If you are still concerned, you can call:
NHS Direct on 0845 4647 in England
NHS 24 on 08454 24 24 24 in Scotland
NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647 in Wales
0800 0514 142 in Northern Ireland


1. High temperature, tiredness and lowered immunity
2. Headache, runny nose and sneezing
3. Sore throat
4. Shortness of breath
5. Loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhoea
6. Aching muscles, limb and joint pain
Source: NHS

Information on treatment[/URL]
Information for pregnant women here[/URL]
Advice for parents and pregnant women here[/URL]

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