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    May 18, 2005
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    what is the difference? i understand what the sweep does, and obviuosly an internal is just a general feel of the cervix, but does anyone know how different each one feels at this stage of pregnancy? i saw my doc last night and he said he'd do a sweep if he thought i was ready, but when he was doing it i was focusing so much on not crying outin pain i didn't hear a word he said except for 1cm long!

    Any idea what he was talking about and he seemed to be making quite a big sweeping motion with him fingers around the neck of the womb, and it really hurt! the midwife said after i should expect some potting, but this hasn't happened.....

    Please reply with your knowledge asap!

    a very worried

    Pink Lady! :oops:

    P.S he seemed to think i had another week to wait from what he felt :cry:

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