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Discussion in 'Forum Friends' started by Tiny Sue, Jun 11, 2005.

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    hey guys

    I was surfing the net lastnight trying to reassure myself after my "bat" experience...haha... that everything was okay. I had my second shot this morning and still feel quite upset when I let myself think about what happened and hoping our baby is okay.
    I googled "picture of 6 week embryo" to see what babies look like at this stage and hopefully cheer myself up. I found a beautiful picture immediately, but wow, it was so sad.
    It was a picture of a little boy who had to be removed from his Mom's fallopian tube because he had implanted there. There was no way to save him, and he was in his last minute or so of life, in the amniotic sac between someone's fingers.
    I felt so sad and yet heartened to know that my little one looks like beautiful! I was filled with wonder.

    If anyone wants to see that picture to see what I mean, try this link. But don't go there if you will be upset.

    I think it is wonderful to know that at this time, not only is the baby's heart beating, but brainwaves are also detectable.


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