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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by lauramumof2, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. lauramumof2

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    Dec 11, 2005
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    For me this pg was unplanned and has came as a massive shock. I just wondered if other mums wanted to post on here how they were feeling about their unplanned pg's.

    A lot of the other peoples posts are about people who have tried so hard for their bfp;s and much as Im glad to be pg now its sunk in, it still a big shock.

    I personally am frightened about how we will manage. You can see by my ticker that I already have 2 wee ones. We didnt take risks, was suppossed to be getting sterilised they day after I found out I was pg.
    I had everything set out for me, what I was doing etc and now EVERYTHING has changed. I was starting a new job and Ive had to tell them Im pg.
    I find it hard to cope with 2 so how will I cope with 3.
    I absolutely love my unborn baby fiercly and so far Im having a great pg but I am so frightened and worried for the future.
  2. Steelgoddess

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    Jul 10, 2007
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    I can see that part of this is being realistic about maybe finances, how will you cope mentally etc etc.

    Im a strong believer in that I believe everything happens for a reason and soemtimes we are faced with tough choices where ultimatly only you can decide how you will cope.

    I have seen others in this predicament, you wonder how you will cope at the time and then when it happens you will be surprised what you can do. Go with the flow and things will be fine

  3. daftscotslass

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    Dec 5, 2007
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    I can't say ours was planned either but this is our first. I was in a panic at first but my OH was the one who saw reason. We just bought our first house which means we have few savings. Heck, we'd just decorated the spare room! I just started a new job - was I going to get maternity pay?

    Only a few weeks later things have really sunk in, we've started to get ourselves organised. I found out I will get paid. We figured we'd probably have thought about starting a family next year, so what's a few months early?

    Now I just want to know if bub is well, awaiting first scan with baited breath!! Like the poster above, I do believe it all happens for a reason.

    Chin up. :hug:
  4. libs

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    Apr 13, 2007
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    :hug: my DS was unplanned and for the whole of the pregnancy all I could think is what the hell am I going to do :cry:

    we can plan our lives all we want to - but something will always find a way to mess them up. All you need to do is readjust your plans, make a new one with the new LO in it and then forget about the other plans. They've gone - they never were and it isn't worth thinking about them.

    If you're struggling - is there a surestart scheme in your area? Volunteers come and help support you, either just to have a cup of coffee and a chat or to help in some practical way.

    And what is coping anyway? Do your children go to bed happy, fed and loved each day? That's doing it - you're being a good parent :hug: The housework, ironing etc are all just little annoyances - don't worry about them :hug:

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