Suggestions PLEASE! Sleep problems in nearly 2 year old

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Rosebay, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Mel has always been a very good sleeper. We did crying it out with him at 9 months and since then (it took two nights when he cried for about 10 mins) he has slept for 2hours at lunchtime and then 12-13 at night no real problems. UNTIL last weekend!

    He's had a cold recently but is now totally over it, I went in in the night when he was ill as he did cry a bit because of a stuffy nose etc. He didn't like the fireworks at the weekend but they have stopped now. I am a stay at home mum and nothing has changed in terms of routine or people in the house etc but now every time I get to leave the room he goes totally crazy! Not proper crying either, hysterical screaming. He's not teething, he's not ill and if you go back in he's instantly all smiles and chatting- often with no visible tears. We have tried crying it out but yesterday he did it for 2 hours solid during the daytime nap. I felt so bad but there really was nothing wrong with him and he was really tired. He just wants one of us in there with him. We kept thinking he would stop but he didn't :( , this has never not worked so far and now we feel awful about leaving him.

    I've tried putting my pj top in with him so it smells like me, I've made sure it's nice and calm before bedtime, he even asks to go to bed and says that he's tired but as soon as I leave- WAH! We did wonder if he just didn't need the lunchtime nap anymore as he wasn't any more tired really yesterday afternoon and today when he obviously was gearing up for a 2 hour scream again at midday I just didn't bother trying and he has been ok. Just put him down though and he has screamed for 10 mins again but is now thankfully quiet.

    Any ideas? Any one's toddlers also suddenly dropped their nap like this? Any tips? Does it sound like it is the nap or perhaps something else? He does seem to have suddenly made another big change in his development, he is quicker, more likely to be up to trouble (he has scribbled with biro on our LCD computer monitor twice this weekend) and is putting whole sentences together so is it a kind of leap in awareness which means that he misses us more at night or is more aware of us being awake without him?

    Aargh! I hate hearing him scream but I know there's nothing actually wrong with him so don't know what to do? He's quite happy in his cot if I'm there so I don't think it's that either....I tried changing the sheets together, rearranging all the toys and he's chatting so much that he would soon tell me if he was scared of say the dark...?

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    Wanted to pass on some :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: I cannot help, I'm sorry, I do hope he's happier with his sleeptimes again real soon for you :hug: very best wishes :hug:

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