Suddenly sleeping and eating more - growth spurt - 12month old

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by kitten2014, Apr 9, 2016.

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    Hi guys, so our lil miss dropped her second nap about 2months ago and started making her morning nap longer and later so was working well, just recently she has been asking for her first nap at 10 as opposed to 11 and today she is down now (before 9am which she hasnt done since she was 4mths old) she recently went to bed v early and took a 13hr sleep (also unusual as she averages 10-11 per night) and yesterday she kept eating like every hour...I know there is a large growth spurt at this age but she and I are so used to a routine that worry that allowing her to nap earlier is going to affect her routine for the worse...for example she usually has one nap around 11, now she's having an earlier nap chances are it will be a short one (like yesterday she took a 20min afternoon nap woke up crying but clearly needed it at 3pm and couldn't go thru to 6/7 without it), is she resetting her routine and getting the second nap back, is this a good idea or is i9t her way of saying 'tried one nap, mummy but I need two right now...' are always playing guesswork and wondered whether anyone else's LO has suddenly increased eating/sleeping?

    She has recently started walking with hands a lot, one hand and also trying to stand unaided for about 8secs max...I realise there is probably a lot of development and growth going on at this time but wondered if anyone else had similar experiences...?
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    We're currently I going through a nap transition at just over 11 months. My Lo has always had two but I can tell these days she wanting one but can't quite make it through yet. My Lo has always dictated her own routine and I generally try and go with the flow but this last week I've forced her to take a second nap at 3/330 (by force I mean I've gone for a 30/45minte walk) as I know she will not make it to 7pm.

    You're right about the growth spurt. My girl has just taken her first unaided steps this week and spends a lot of time walking with hands and trying to climb things, it's lovely because you can watch them and see them learning all the time. They also burn so much energy with all the crawling. If it were me if let her go back to two naps for a while and see how she does. My health visitor said the important thing is not to let them sleep past 330. We do ATM but it works for us

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