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    Hi girls, I have come from the 3rd Trimester group to tell you this as I hear people complaining about stretch marks all the time. while you are newly pregnant this is the time to start using it, getting your skin use to the oil, and oil is AWSOME for your skin.

    EXTRA / VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, YES!!! THE ONE FOR COOKING - put it on in the shower rub it in all over, it's great for your neck, back everywhere!!!!!!

    If I can teach you one thing, please let it be that your skin does not need all those expensive creams and lotions, and they don't even work that great!!

    Your skin will feel amazing after using it and you will see such a difference in your skin over time. I will still use it after I have the baby! (hopefully 3 more weeks :D )

    Wishing you all the best girls, hope your pregnancies are going well and I hope you take the time to get some of this!! Luv Tineke

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