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May 25, 2005
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hello all

i am 12 weeks on friday. just after a little advice

for about 4 days now i have been having a strange feeling in my tum.
its kinda like a hungry feeling all day long, it not that i am hungry though as i am eating sooooo much
its even worse when i go to bed

is there anything to worry about????
is anyone else getting this feeling?

looking foward to some advice
Hiya, I'm afraid i might not be of much help to you, i'm not sure what it could be??? The one thing i would put it down to though is your tummy is getting ready to stretch and make room for baby so you will get quite a few weird pains/feelings over the next few weeks/months that cant be explained!! If you are concerned of have any pain/bleeding then get yourself to your MW (if you have one yet) or the docs to get it checked out.

I'm sure it will be fine and just 'normal' pregnancy feelings! Congratulations by the way! xxx
I had this too, its like a constant insatiable appetite ... and if you eat it doesnt go away. I still have it now and just have to put up with it i guess. Midwife says its fine too.

Sometimes the little rumbles are the early movements of the baby, perhaps you are just very in tune with your baby!

I love it as an excuse tho so i eat eat eat! :D
I had something like that too.

I was constantly hungry and baffled that I was still famished even after dinner. So I just kept eating! I mostly tried to stick to fairly healthy things like fruit, yoghurt, muesli bars and bowls of cereal, but ice cream and cookies featured too!

After a while it passed and now I find I can't eat huge amounts at once and often feel overfull after meals - especially meaty things - so I tend to snack more than I used to.
Could be slight indigestion!!?? but i wanted to eat loads too, now have put on over 2 stone so far!! so be carefull you dont over do it!!!!

Take care and good luck

Natalie x
I am almost 9 weeks and feel the same, i am hardly ever full and often go to bed hungry even though i have eaten alot throughout the day. Try and stick to fruit,veg and cereals as you will be inclinded to put on less weight.
Good Luck
thank you all for you help and advice
put my mind at rest

got my 12 week scan today! so looking foward to it

keep having the thought that when they scan me there will be no baby in there. silly i know !!
looking foward to going and buying our first baby things.
thanks again
i dreded the same thing at my 12 week scan although you will forget all the worries when you get in there! Enjoy it and remember to post piccys!!
I used to get a strange tummy years ago when I did lots of sit-ups. I would feel ravenous the next day and it turned out that it was just the muscles settling down again, creating a sensation in my tummy that was similar to hunger.

I promply gave up sit-ups as they were just makng me more hungry!

So what I am saying is, I regularly feel like this again now that I am pregnant. I just ate a huge bowl of porridge but still feel hungry and I am sure that it is just the general movement inside the tummy of eveything changing and moving around, making you feel like you are having tummy rumbles that you are mistaking for hunger. ??

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