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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by sleigh13, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Hi there ladies,

    Here's the situation:

    Myself & my partner are not currently TTC.
    Last week i had to take a 5 tablet antibiotic prescription, i was of course told to be more cautious as is always the case with antibiotics. I have been on Cerazette mini pill for over 3 years now, and other birth control pills before that, and as a result of this mini pill, i don't have periods any more.

    Myself & my partner had sex twice last week during the time i was on the antibiotics. The past couple of days i have had some strange symptoms. e.g. i am a smoker and have completely gone off cigarettes, even the smell of someone else smoking makes me feel sick now, i have had a somewhat bloated stomach for about 2/3 days now, my nipples are so sore to the touch, more so than they have ever been before and i have had a few nauseous moments this week at work.

    I am aware the only way to know if i am pregnant is to take a test, but i think it's too soon to pick up on one yet anyway, so just wanted people's opinions/advice really!

    Thanks :)

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