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Oct 6, 2005
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hello, just needed a little help. I was two weeks late on period, to scared to do a test and then i had this brownish pink discardge for two days and then i spotted very red blood for two more days. I have been to the doctors and they think i may of had a miscarrigde but again to scared to do a pregnancy test. I then got a very strange disscarge like pva glue which is very think and lots of it and now its not as much but kinda like slug trails sorry to go into so much detail but i have never expericed anything like this before and was wondering does this sound like an infection or something else i still dont want to do a test or go to doctors please help :oops: thanks debs
Hi Deby

It does sound like it could be prenancy related. I know you're scared but you really need to do a test. It won't go away just because you don't test. Everyone on here is very suportive and we'll help all we can.

Good luck!
The other concern which I know you dont want to face is your health and future conception. If you have, god forbid, suffered an incomplete miscarriage you should find out and seek medical advice as you wouldnt want to jeopardise any future plans...dont mean to sound horrible but I think it would be worth knowing either way.

Come on, prove me wrong and find your having a little bean :roll:

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