Strange bleeding


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Oct 22, 2005
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Im totally confused with my cycle this month.
Im two weeks away from AF and on friday i got some very light bleeding.
I still have it 3 days later, its brown/pink coloured, it is very light but more than spotting.

Any insights what it could be? I hope it isnt Af just come early.

If you are 2 weeks away from AF then that would coincide with when you are due to ovulate. I have heard that some women have a little bleed when they ovulate. I found this on the web.....

"Ovulation Bleeding is different from menstrual flow. The color of Ovulation Bleeding varies from pink to red, is light and for 1 or 2 days duration.

The exact cause of bleeding during ovulation is not clear and could be due to emerging follicles. Hormones prompt ovaries to produce around 20 follicles that contain an immature egg, and out of this only one follicle matures. It is during this process of maturing and bursting out from the follicle that pain or bleeding occurs."

What do you think?
hmmm, i dunno.
My predicted Ovulation day was before this happened, and i started to get near positive OPK's then they went a definate negative again. I was using them one a day so i probably would have gotten a definate positive if i was testing more than once a day.

How long after you ovulated did you start getting the bleeding? If it's about a week, then it could be implantation bleeding.

Your AF should appear around 14 days after ovulation so if you are having longer than that post ovulation you might want to go see the doctor.

Hope that helps.

I couldnt really say how DPO i might be.
The reason im doubtful that its Ovulation bleeding is ive never had it before in my life and it lasted 3 days and was mostly brown.
How long before the bleeding did you get your positive on your OPK test? That should give you an idea when you ovulated.

I never got a positive OPK,
I had a faint OPK on sunday, a darker one but not positive on monday, on tuesday was a little paler that mondays and on wed it was faint again.
Sorry nothing to do with your question but just to say I love your baby gif, it's wicked :)
Ahhh sorry, I misread your earlier post.

When I use ovulation sticks I do tend to get a positive with only one a day, although sometimes you have to squint and look at them sideways to be sure! :lol: I find comparing the two lines pretty difficult.

Not sure what it could be if you think it is possible that you haven't ovulated this month. How long have you been using the sticks? Have you had positives before? Are you still bleeding?

Thanks BlackFairyKitten!

Ive been Using the sticks for 3 cycles, Had a positive on the first cycle i used them, didnt get one the second cycle because i missed it.

The bleeding stopped after having it for 3 days.

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