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Jun 14, 2005
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Hi, as most of u know im having alot of itching and ive had it for over three weeks now, its getting really bad the itching is all over but when i phoned anti natal clinic they just said get a cold bath, well getting in the bath would be hard enough but getting out id end up going into labour so i just woundered does anyone have any idea how to ease it just so i can sleep better...
Hiya Carrie

I'm surprised only having a bath was mentioned when you spoke to the Ante Natal Clinic as itching like this in late pregnancy is usually investigated! - Skin changes are fairly common during pregnancy, many of which may be successfully treated with a 1/2% hydrocortisone cream. However, because the itching began in the 3rd trimester, I would ask your doctor to carry out some liver function tests and a bile salt level to rule out Cholestasis. Once your doctor has ruled this out, then view it as a dermatological problem that may be treated locally.

Cholestasis is characterised by itching and/or jaundice. This can be inherited or sometimes is the body's reaction to oestrogen levels. It is a build up of bile salts, which are incompletely cleared by the liver and accumulate in the serum of the blood. There are usually no accompanying skin changes with this condition however unless it is with scratching.

There are some drugs that help this condition and there is some evidence that there is a slightly increased risk of premature labour and stillbirth in some women with cholestasis in pregnancy.

Carrie, I don't mean to worry you in any way, but I think you should ring your Midwife for advice.
Oooh Carrie i have just seen this post is from June and not July!

Hopefully you are all sorted now and the itching investigated!

Not long for you now I see, hope you are well!
Totally agree with you Rachel - was just going to post about can be fatal to mother and baby (sorry to be so morbid). A friend of mine had it and they had to induce her straight away at 37 weeks.

Good luck Carrie - let us know how it all went!!
hi, yeah i know about cholesiasis i am been monitored for it but so far not sighns on blood tests that i have it all though my alt's are up which may lead the bile acids to increse, thanx for replying i saw the consultant who gave me some comomile lotion or whatever its called lol... so im going to try that and see if it eases it
Hiya Carrie

Glad to read you are being monitored and things are ok.

Hope the Camomile lotion is working!

Not long for you know - How exciting! :lol:


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