Stitches still sore 9 weeks later ?!!!!


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May 24, 2005
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Feeling bit fed up today, where I had my stitches they are STILL sore and its nearly 9 weeks since I had Aimee! I told the doc on my 6 week check and he said they looked clean. I know they are not infected (paranoid about keeping it clean) but im beginning to wonder if it will ever feel the same again - surely it shouldnt feel like this forever...?
Its basically tender & bit itchy & if I do try to itch it its really sore to touch. (sorry if too much info). :oops:
Obiously its 100 time better than before but the past 5 weeks its felt the same...I dont know wether to go back to doc or not..
When did everyone elses feel "normal" again ? ? Im terrified of doing the deed & think my husband thinks im making excuses & I dont blame him.
I could have written that - I'm the same, I even went back to the hospital at 6 weeks and they said it's fine, but Rubie is now 10.5 weeks old and it's still not even knitted together, never mind healed :shock:
I had stitches and I only stopped feeling sore when Phoebe was 10wks.

Duds - I'm sure your stitches should have disolved by your 6 week check so when doc said they look fine are you sure he isn't loopy!!

As for doing the deed. I was told I shouldn't have sex for 10weeks after my tear. Although mine was arse to elbow!! LOL :lol:

Pop back to the doc if you are worried, even if it is just for reassurance.
I had a section, and my scar is still achy and tender when I'm tired, and if I press on I don't. It also itches like mad if I miss my daily shower, like leave it later in the afternoon? Weird.

me too kim im exactly the same! more recently it has become quite itchy and irritating and tender, even though it wasnt tender a few weeka ago, too scared to do the deed!
Well, Im glad im not the only one having this problem! Your right if I skip a shower in the morning & have to wait till afternoon that when its really itchy & sore.
Think i'll give it another couple of weeks then go back to doc if still the same.
If I dont do the deed soon then im going to end up having a phobia of it!

tried the deed last night and it didn't hurt but i was a bit tipsy :oops:

You go girl !!! hey thats a good idea - maybe i'll get bladdered so then if it does hurt i wont feel it !
me too, it was fine, little sore to start with but once I got into it it was fine :oops: no pain during or after
Abi is now 5 1/2 months and now and again my scar still feels sore, my mum says hers is like it from when she had me 28 years ago :shock: i'm still petrified of doing the deed in case it hurts lol

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