Still no test results.. GRRrrr

Anna Marie

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Jul 6, 2005
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Bl**dy m/w still hasn't called with my spina bifida test results so this morning I call my surgery to see if they can help me.. the receptionist said that the results are in and they are "normal".. what the hell does that mean.. I told her I was expecting a risk type assessment result [like with the downs test result] and she said.."the results say normal" over and over.. AAAGGGHHH :wall: :wall: I wanted to slam the phone down but persisted... then she said if I wanted a further explanation I would have to wait til Mon when m/w back.. even doc wouldn't talk me through the results... :twisted:

Soooo annoyed.. I know normal may sound good but normal compared to what.. normal for my age? normal for my dates? I have my 20 week scan next week so I will be able to know a bit more then but what was the point in having the bl**dy test if they cannot give me a detailed result??

sorry to rant but I was in a good mood until that phone call!!! :x
Awww hun!! :wall: :wall:

At least normal is better than a kick up the :moon: !!!

Hope you get the results your waiting for soon, i know how ruddy annoying it can be ... and fustrating!!!

Fingers crossed for you ...

Love Imi
Finally [after more chasing by ME!!] I was told today that my spina bifida result was 35.. whatever that means.. :? :? :?

Aparently if over 65 it is a concern.. anything 10-50 is normal..

Hopefully we will be able to tell at the detailed scan on Thursday too but I am just glad to have the result before i go into the scan!!
That does sound good Anna Marie. Good luck with your scan tomorrow.

I can't remember, do you want to know the sex or not?
Thanks Tankett.. YES I really want to know whether it is a Bod or a Bodette!! :wink: :wink:

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