Steroid injections.

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by charlene09, Feb 20, 2016.

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    I have just read something online saying that if you go into preterm labour in a previous pregnancy the hospital automatically give you steroid injections at 24 weeks in the next pregnancy.

    I went into preterm labour at 28 weeks in my last pregnancy with prolonged loss of amniotic fluid.
    When I have my 20 week scan on the 9th March they have booked me in to see a consultant afterwards. Does anyone know what will happen? I mean fair enough there is higher risk of me going into preterm labour again but I don't want them to intervene at all if I haven't had any issues this pregnancy if that makes sense.
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    I know what you mean, I had steroid injections with my first two children even though I was 35 weeks when the steroids were given and I wasn't induced til 37 weeks (so really it's debatable whether steroids were necessary at that late stage of pregnancy). At the time I didn't question it, they just said I needed them in case I delivered early, but with hindsight I don't believe they were necessary or beneficial.

    If your waters went early again this time you ought to be able to have steroids then, as they only need around 24hrs to 'work'. So it seems like you have a good case for requesting not to have them unless you have problems again.

    If you were to go into labour early like 28 weeks they could/would probably give you something to try to stop contractions long enough to give steroid injections chance to work.
    So again, it doesn't seem necessary to give them at some arbitrary gestation "just in case" when there's a good chance you'll get to term and if you don't, as long as you get the injection 24hrs before you deliver that should be enough.

    I would do some reading up on it if you can, and if your consultant mentions it talk to them about how necessary it is without risk factors presenting this time, and get the consultant to clarify or confirm that if you did lose waters or have issues, could you not just be given the steroid injections then, rather than 'now'.

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