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Jul 27, 2005
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the health visitor said steaming the veg i give B is better for him she also told me a way that i could do it without using a steamer using a sauspan and a seive or summit was just wondering if ne one know wot it was? as i have forgotton lol
yeah like you said you can use a metal sieve over a pan of water. I wonder how much a cheap steamer is I might get one, cos you can steam everything at once.
Hi Sarah

To steam like this you would put the veggies in the sieve or collander and put the lid of the saucepan on top then place the sieve or collander over a saucepan that has simmering water in it, just make sure the bottom of the sieve or collander isn't touching the simmering water.

I knowing steaming is supposed to be better as it maintains more of the minerals and vitamins but I always forget and end up boiling veg instead :roll:

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I've had my eye on this one from Argos that goes on a hob, it's £9 something:- ... ams=P17581

You can get electric ones for the same price but we haven't got room or sockets for any more electric items in our miniscule kitchen!

I've got a funny floppy metal basket thing that you can put inside a normal saucepan to steam stuff in. It was only a pound in a pound shop. I've only used it for cabbage and broccoli but it is good- they taste nicer and look lovely and green and the point is supposed to be that they don't lose their nutrients. I guess a tiered one would be cool once I'm during lots of different things for Elliott though

My steamer was from tesco's only about £7.00 with three baskets?! and it works just as well as the more expensive ones

L x
i got my electric steamer from ebay for £9 i steam everything lol i do apple and pear in it as well for ethan then portion it up n an icecube tray or in storage pots its grt ive got loads of different meals carrot and broccoli (doesnt look to nice) carrot and pot pear apple and somewith pear and apple mixed :lol:
There is an electric Tesco Value one on offer at the moment. In Tesco obviously!!!!!
Can't remember how much it is but I was thinking about getting one too.

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