Staying positive- for Lena Herzog, RIP

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Tiny Sue, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Here's a way of staying positive that has always helped me...this post is dedicated to Mrs. Lena Herzog, my yoga teacher, who died in November. I'm sure she's resting in peace, she's brought peace to so many people I know, including me.

    Positive visualisation.

    Get relaxed on a flat surface on your back if you can...on your side with pillows between your knees if you can't.

    Become aware of your breathing, but don't change it. Feel the breath move in and out of your body, and with each outward breath, feel yourself getting more relaxed. If you can, will the tension out of your body and imagine it leaving your body on the stream of the outward breath. continue until you feel relaxed.

    Let your thoughts associate freely but don't dwell on anything or worry. If a worrisome or unpleasant thought enters your head, whisper "no" or banish it completely.

    Next, when you're totally relaxed, visualise a blue surface. On that surface, trace your name in white. Try to keep the picture of your name in white on a blue surface for a while. Blue is a calming colour.
    After a while, slowly erase your name from the surface by tracing it backwards and seeing it dissolve. Let the blue surface dissolve.

    Now think of something that you want to happen, something good. it could be success in exams, your job, or your pregnancy. It could be happy family relations. Picture this fact like a photo in your mind's eye and revel in the happy feelings it leaves with you. Keep the picture there for as long as you can.

    When you have finished, don't jump up suddenly. Open your eyes, bring some life back to the fingers and toes and stretch before sitting up slowly. Take at least five minutes to get up. You should feel relaxed and peaceful, if not sleepy. In fact, you may have fallen asleep!

    It really works!


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