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Feb 4, 2005
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I was reading somewhere that sperm can be effect if a long period goes by without having sex. After BD like mad for 2 weeks during my ovulation period we're so worn out we tend to only BD once or twice in the 2nd 1/2 of my cycle.... Can sperm be effected if we go 7 days without BD? I'm worried that we may be damaging DH sperm by leaving long gaps between BD! The run up to ovulation we BD as much as possible then more during my ovualtion period....

I'm due AF tomorrow and i'm preying it doesn't show!
i know what you mean hayley im the same i was exhausted last month by 3 days after ovulation i think we only bd once every 2 days after that lol and already exhausted this month and only ovulating today.
hope af stays away and u get a nice bfp xxxxxxxxxx
it's crazy isn't it... as soon as AF has finished which is usually 4 days we start BD! either everyday or every other for 2 weeks! then the next 2 weeks we not in the mood! I'm sure i read some where that men have to ejaculate often to keep sperm alive! But i can't find where i read it and now it's doing my head in! I'm sure it said men shouldn't go any longer than 5 days....

If anyone knows more on this could they let me know.
Hi Hayley,

I read that somewhere as well, so must be on here somewhere :roll: I have also read that sperm can live between 2 and 5 days whilst the good old egg only lives for 24 hrs, so in theory there will be loads of sperm waiting to fertilise our egg when we ovulate??!! Fingers crossed for us all this month - let us know how you go in the next few days!!

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